Health Concepts

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N°1 Human Nature And Fundamental Needs

  • What is human nature?
  • What are our basic needs?
  • What is DNA, chromosomes
  • The common nature of all human beings

N°2 Fundamental Needs And Self-Analysis

    • How can we meet our basic needs?

    • Regularly take stock of your condition

    • Disorders and consequences of a lack of one or more fundamental needs: Violence, power relationship

N°3 Consequences Unmet Fundamental Needs

  • Beware of bad reflexes
  • Compensation mechanism
  • Compulsive behavior OCD
  • Intro depression

N°4 Fatigue, burnout, Depression

N°5 depression

  • What are the first signs of depression?
  • What are the aggravating factors?
  • Conventional medicine care and chemical drugs
  • Natural medicines care
  • Treatment of causes vs. symptomatic treatment

N°6 Burnout, mental instability

    • The difference between mental instability and a curious, exploratory temperament

    • Burnout and workload

    • How to stop before burn-out or accident?

    • Work overload and stimulants

    • The importance of assessing the real workload associated with our lifestyle choices

N°7 Constitution, genetics and epigenetics

  • Genetic heritage, our legacy
  • Mutagenic (carcinogenic) substances
  • What are genetic diseases?
  • What are congenital diseases?
  • Epigenetics and the causes of congenital diseases

n°8 DNA and the different constitutions

  • What defines DNA?
  • What are the constitutions in natural medicine?
  • Different approaches to constitutions
  • Genetic cloning
  • Holistic and personalized treatments with constitutions

N°9 Constitutions and Temperaments

  • Concrete examples of different constitutions on well-known individuals
  • Getting to know the individual better for better health care
  • External characteristics that reveal constitution
  • Difference between constitutions and temperaments

N°10 Terrain and epigenetics

  • What is a person's terrain?
  • Cellular terrain and pollutants
  • Nanoparticles
  • Understanding the terrain with traditional Chinese medicine
  • From fetus to breastfeeding, the impact of the terrain on the newborn baby

N°11 Terrain and environmental pollution

  • External terrain (food, air, any substance that can penetrate our skin, waves and radiation)
  • Various sources of environmental pollution
  • Toxins inside our bodies
  • Impact of the external environment on our health
  • Internal terrain and metabolism

N°12 Terrain, homeostasis and predictive medicine

  • Relationships between microbes, infections and terrain
  • What is homeostasis?
  • Our body's organs and elimination pathways
  • Body compartments and their regulatory systems
  • Dangers and pitfalls of the conventional, predictive and personalized medicine of the future

N°13 Genetics and Epigenetics Update

    • Epigenetics in natural medicines

    • DNA, RNA and mRNA, synthetic RNA

    • Evolution of medical knowledge on genetics

    • What is 'gene drive'?

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