Is the food pyramid good advice?

The food pyramid is certainly the most hijacked concept to explain the human diet. 

It has been corrupted so many times by the agri-food and pharmaceutical lobbies and government authorities that today, 99 % of all the different food pyramids models available on the internet are just total crap.

For instance, many food pyramids are mixing different food qualities (refined and whole food) and different processing states (unprocessed to junk food ready to go), which is totally unacceptable.

This is one of the many reasons people got misled into thinking that we need to eat a bit of everything but nothing in excess.

Still, the real, ethical version of the food pyramid can be a good tool to visualize a healthy diet.

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The food pyramid explains the categories of foods and the recommended proportions.

Nonetheless, it is not intended to define a menu with specific foods.

Thus, using the food pyramid to make our everyday meals is not appropriate. Why?

Because the foods we gonna end up eating depends on many different factors that vary during time and circumstances.

Depending on the season, the climate, the foods available to us, we gonna automatically consume more of this or that.

Furthermore, it is obvious that we do not all eat the same thing in the four corners of the world at all times.

This is why the food pyramid can be a good tool to visualize the general balance of healthy eating but not as a guideline for preparing meals.  

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