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Since the beginning of time, we have granted ourselves the right to own so-called pets.

The dog was most certainly the first animal domesticated by man. Genetically different from the wolf, the dog has followed humankind for tens of thousands of years.

In exchange for a bowl and a shelter, the dog bends to the will of its pack leader. Guide, guard, hunter, companion, tracker, war dog, rescue dog, assistance dog, protection dog, herder, laboratory dog, millions of dogs have lost their lives to make our lives easier.

A large part of the dog’s health already depends on the definition of “ownership” the owner has.

Let’s consider here that the “ownership” of a pet goes with the obligation to pamper it, to feed it, to walk it, to offer it spaces of freedom, to take care of its health, to remain at its side throughout its life and, if necessary, to resort to euthanasia to relieve it of its suffering.

Appropriate and quality diet

As for humans, diet is the first critical ingredient for a dog’s health.

Dog’s nutritional needs are not the same as ours, but they are not that different. Dogs, like us, need proteins, fats, and sugars to fuel their body, and like us, they can thrive on a vegan diet that will bring the best form of these proteins, fats, and sugars.

100% homemade vegan organic meal is the best way to feed your dog and the best nutrition for his health and longevity, on top of covering all his food and nutritional needs.

Physical activity

As for humans, physical activity is essential to the dog’s health. Sadly most dogs used as pets are all day long in apartments or houses with little to no exercise.

A regular physical activity for a dog means four to five walks a day, one of which is more important, where it can run, play and walk for at least 1 hour unless the dog has access to a garden where it can regularly exercise during the day.

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Don’t forget that if the dog has access to a garden, he will not exercise by itself! He still needs to play with you or/and other dogs.


Same as raising a child, the education you make with your dog will be necessary for his mental and physical health.

Many dog owners still think that a dog is like a human adult, that the only thing they need to do is live with him.

But in reality, a dog needs a pack leader, someone to say this is ok and this is not, someone caring and confident that can lead and protect, someone who has authority that the dog can trust, love, and respect.  

Inappropriate or lack of training often results in a dog’s bad behaviors.

How many dogs are locked up at home, deprived of going out to exercise in nature and meet other dogs, simply because they bite? These dogs end-up crazy, and rightfully so!

How many dogs bark all day long because they are alone and their masters have abandoned them for most of the day?

For this, we can’t recommend more to look at the work of Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer.

Good hygiene

We have a notion of cleanliness that is not necessarily compatible with proper hygiene, which aims to avoid living conditions that are harmful to dogs. Many products can be detrimental to your dog.

Here are some examples:

– chemical detergents to clean his diaper, clothes, etc.
– deodorizing or odor-killing chemical sprays
– traffic fumes and tobacco smoke
– insecticides against fleas/tics like “Bravecto.”

These products contain endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic molecules, and irritant molecules, all toxic for the dog.

In addition to that, imagine what your dog’s sense of smell must go through. Your dog has more than 200 million olfactory receptors, while we only have 5 million! A real ordeal.

Vegan Pet Food Natural Recipes Holistic Natural Health Experts - doctors Barone nutrition optimal wellness

Finally, don’t forget that the dog naturally needs to bite on something to keep its teeth healthy.

Fortunately, most dog supply stores carry 100% natural bones (no animal products, no dyes, no harmful oils, no palm oil). These “fake bones” contain a mixture of cereals, vegetable oils, plants, and various spices that give them a delicious taste for the dog, while fulfilling their full function.

Ready to make your health a priority?

To learn more about how to help your dog thrive on a vegan diet, including precise recipe and ingredients for various sizes of dog, please visit our free library full of topics like these and covering a wide range of topics written by Holistic Natural Health Experts.

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