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The mysteries of water

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Water is vital to life on earth. Without it, there would be no animals, no humans, no plants, no trees, there would be nothing but rocks.

The types of water and best sources

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Water is present on Earth in various forms. Although water is very abundant, healthy water is not.

Pollution, exploitation, privatization, and toxic treatments are just some examples of why.

What is thirst?

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When we talk about thirst, it’s normal to think about dehydration, as they are related. For our body, thirst is the natural way to alert us that dehydration is occurring.

What is water made of?

Water composition

Water is essential for human life and plays a crucial role in maintaining health and supporting various bodily functions. Here are just a couple of ones as examples:

What are the effects of our actions on our health?

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Many people think that even if they have done something that is detrimental to their health, as soon as they stop doing it, everything must go back to normal, unfortunately our bodies do not work like that.

What are the problems with industrial agriculture?

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Less than 70 years ago, industrial agriculture started, and since then, it has generated a cascade of harmful effects for our ecosystem.

Anyone with logic and common sense knows that it is fundamentally wrong.

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