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How bad are artificial sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners Holistic Natural Health Experts Holisticnutrition Organic Sustainability Greenliving

Artificial sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes or non-nutritive sweeteners, are substances used to provide a sweet taste to food and beverages without adding significant calories or affecting blood sugar levels.

How to stay hydrated

How to stay hydrated

The first question someone should ask himself to stay hydrated is: What are the signs of dehydration?

Knowing how and when dehydration occurs is important to stay hydrated.

Also, it’s important to understand that staying hydrated is not a natural thing. It is part of the constant efforts our body needs to make to survive. If we don’t eat, we die, if we don’t drink, we die.

Healthy Drinks – A Holistic Overview

Healthy beverages Holistic Natural Health Experts Sustainability Greenliving Holistichealth

Before healthy beverages, it is capital to get the fundamentals of healthy hydration right.
Healthy hydration means drinking pure and unpolluted water either from a natural pure source or through an efficient filtration system.

What are my nutritional needs?

Junk Food Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Vegan Holistic Health Supplements

Nowadays, the concept of nutritional needs is essentially biased.

This is why we should consider our nutritional needs according to our consumption of natural healthy foods rather than a calculation of isolated nutrients.

Healthy vegan recipes

Veggies Rolls Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Organic Sustainable Plant Based Diet

There are as many recipes and ways of eating plant-based food as there are countries in the world.

Eating with the seasons

Season Eating Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Vegan farming allows us to grow fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds that are essential to our diet.

In reality, the true edible plants in season are the wild plants that grow naturally in the ecosystem of a region.

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