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The types of water and best sources

Drinking Water Holistic Natural Health Experts Holisticnutrition Organic Sustainability Greenliving

Water is present on Earth in various forms. Although water is very abundant, healthy water is not.

Pollution, exploitation, privatization, and toxic treatments are just some examples of why.

What is thirst?

Cat Thirst Holistic Natural Health Experts Holistic Sustainability Greenliving

When we talk about thirst, it’s normal to think about dehydration, as they are related. For our body, thirst is the natural way to alert us that dehydration is occurring.

What is water made of?

Water composition

Water is essential for human life and plays a crucial role in maintaining health and supporting various bodily functions. Here are just a couple of ones as examples:

What are the problems with industrial agriculture?

Toxic Chemicals Holisticnaturalhealthexperts Holisticliving Greenliving Ecofriendlyliving Noplanetb Bethechange

Less than 70 years ago, industrial agriculture started, and since then, it has generated a cascade of harmful effects for our ecosystem.

Anyone with logic and common sense knows that it is fundamentally wrong.

The role of fasting in a healthy lifestyle

Fasting Holistic Natural Health Experts Holisticnutrition Organic Bethechange Greenliving Holistichealing

Fasting is not a fashion trend of today’s world. It is undoubtedly as ancient as human origins.

The two main health indications for fasting are weight loss and detoxification.

Why is refined and processed food bad for you?

Refined Processed Food Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Vegan Holistic Health Supplements

Refining and processing methods of today as nothing to do we what was done just a couple of decades ago.

The process became so intensive that in the end, the food is no more food for us.

Is the food pyramid wrong? Expert Advice!

Wrong Food Pyramid Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Healthy eating should be learned and acquired from birth to adolescence. Family and school should work together to ensure that every adult masters the variety, quality and quantity of his or her diet.

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