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What are the effects of our actions on our health?

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Many people think that even if they have done something that is detrimental to their health, as soon as they stop doing it, everything must go back to normal, unfortunately our bodies do not work like that.

The role of fasting in a healthy lifestyle

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Fasting is not a fashion trend of today’s world. It is undoubtedly as ancient as human origins.

The two main health indications for fasting are weight loss and detoxification.

Why is it important to eat a plant-based diet?

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Yes, it is as simple as that: we are made to eat plant based foods!

We are, as humans, hominid primates. The diet that suits us anatomically and physiologically is a plant-based one.

What are food and foodstuff?

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Foodstuffs are any substance that can feed a living organism. They can be composed of molecules of sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, active ingredients, and fibers (vegetable).

What is an optimal vegan diet?

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It is totally possible to have a vegan diet that is very unhealthy.

On the other hand, it is impossible to eat healthy on a non-vegan diet.

What causes allergies?

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Anything that harms the immune system can directly or indirectly cause a risk of allergies. This covers all causes of allergies & much more.

Holistic Dog Health – A Comprehensive Guide

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Since the beginning of time, we have granted ourselves the right to own so-called pets.

The dog was most certainly the first animal domesticated by man. Genetically different from the wolf, the dog has followed humankind for tens of thousands of years.

What is integrated medicine?

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Integrated medicine may sound like a fusion between unnatural medicine and natural medicine. Well, yes and no.

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