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Are you struggling to free yourself from side-effect treatments of conventional medicine to achieve optimal health?

Health is both challenging and sensitive:

  • Resigning to take chemical pills seems to be the only option
  • Difficulty in finding effective holistic natural treatment by professional therapists
  • Overwhelmed by contradictory information and treatment options
  • Unable to understand what is happening with your health
  • Discouraged by randomly trying to find someone to trust that has something that works for you
  • Exhausted by chronic symptoms like pain and fatigue
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Your guide to experiencing peak health

Learn with our experts how to create your most thriving and regenerative life!

Nutrition & Optimal Diet

Nutrition & Optimal Diet

Every day we have the power to change the way we shape our bodies and minds, just by changing the way we eat

Immune System

Immune System

Learn unbiased knowledge from experts, exploring systems, organs, structures, cells and molecules to arrive at a holistic understanding of self

Pet Care

Pet Care

Explore practical nutrition and science-backed vegan diets for our canine companions

Detoxification & Fasting

Detoxification & Fasting

As our bodies and environment are systematically filling with toxins corrosive to our personal and ecological wellness, now more than ever we need tools to restore balance

Ecology & Interconnection

Ecology & Interconnection

Our health relies not only on what we put intentionally into our bodies, but also on every interconnection with our surroundings



Sharing actionable solutions for thriving in our personal lives and in our cooperative communities




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Join Our Experts

We have been in the natural medicine world long before it became trendy and we believe that health is the most important asset.


Whether you prefer to learn through one-on-one coaching, webinars, ebooks, or articles, our virtual clinic is available anytime, anywhere, offering you a comprehensive platform to support your growth.

You may benefit from our support in a range of situations including:

  • Identifying optional medical procedures and evaluating the pros
    and cons of each
  • Understanding medical test results and reports
  • Finding natural products for health conditions that do not require
    chemical drugs
  • Ideas for staying healthy and protected while traveling and on vacation
  • Strategies for improving your health at work
  • Deepened understanding of how your life choices impact your health
  • Clarifying health goals that are meaningful and achievable
  • Developing a vision of your optimal health and thriving for longevity
  • Any other personal requests or concerns on any health-related issue

About our community

THE expert source for living your highest potential through holistic nutrition and natural medicine! Join our holistic health community to benefit from over 50 years of experience supporting people to design and live a more holistic and regenerative life!

Years of Experience
35 +

Over many years in our Geneva-based clinic, and then online supporting people all around the world, our clients are why we push ourselves to 110% everyday.

Happy Clients
930 +

Starting as a small family practice, we have grown one client at a time. Through our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we align our values with our services, to everyday do a little bit better.

Fields of Expertise​
18 +

Covering Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Micronutrition, Auriculotheraphy, Sympathicotherapy, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Tomatis method, Tui Na, Reboutology, Trigger point, Fascia therapy, Yoga, and much more

Messages from our community

Adriana“I’ve trusted the Barone family since 2003. Their advice, treatments and necessary work on my side have helped me and still help me today to feel healthy in every way. If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, the Barone Family’s advice and treatments will certainly help you.”

Maria Theresa Bernasconi “I’ve been a client for a few years now and I travel from the Bernese Jura because I’ve found in Marina THE person par excellence who knows how to solve my problems and my needs with a great technical and human knowledge. I travel precisely 182km and about 2h1/2 of road for one trip. …(not very ecological I know…but my health is just as important as the health of our planet…it’s a choice to be made), that’s to say I’m more than satisfied, I haven’t found anyone else as competent and humane closer to my home. A BIG THANK YOU to Marina and her team.”

Léa Grammatopoulo“The Barones are extremely competent naturopaths. Whenever western medicine had no solution for my problems, I turned to them who always solved the situation simply, with natural products, and I never had any recurrences. So much so that over the years, I turned directly to them whenever I had a problem. They don’t hesitate to send me for scans, blood tests, or any other treatment I might need, and then take care of me. They are available all the time, and are very generous with their time and knowledge. Sometimes I call with a problem and instead of making an appointment, they spend 30 minutes on the phone with me, give me the solution, send a prescription to the pharmacy, and don’t even charge me! I highly recommend them on a medical level, but also on a human level.”

Marina Philippe Abraham Pascal Barone Natural Medicine Experts

our values

Passionate about our profession and continually looking for new solutions, we are pioneers in alternative therapies.

Independent in our practice, we have no conflict of interest with other therapists, laboratories, or products. Therefore, we are free to establish therapeutic care for you based solely on quality, results, and ethics.

Living coherently, we practice and live what we teach our patients. As far as possible, we test and experiment on ourselves, all the therapies and advice we provide to know their actions as well as possible. In our opinion, a therapist must lead by example and place the patient’s interests at the center of their decisions.

Knowing that prevention is so much better than cure, today thanks to Holistic Natural Health Experts, we bring together therapies and health education to prevent, take care, and support the optimal health of everyone wanting to live a healthier and more thriving life.


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