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Case Studies

Comprehensive Care And Long-Term Trust

David, 58 years, managing director of a medium-sized company, reached out to us for the first time 15 years ago. Loving his job, he had a very intense schedule with a lot of responsibilities and extensive travel around the world. Never a big fan of conventional medicine he explained to Read More

Family holistic natural care

Alain and Denise, 42 and 34 years old, are parents of a boy of 6, Dylan, and a girl of 7, Emily. Both working, they felt particularly tired of juggling family and professional life. They reached out to us initially to help Emily's health issues, but we ended up taking Read More

Apprehending chronic disease

Olivia is a young woman of 25. She contacted us on the recommendation of her sister, who successfully treated her headaches by coming to our clinic. Olivia has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. This means that she has hypothyroidism due to the production of autoantibodies. Conventional medicine suggests synthetic thyroid Read More

Sportspeople and holistic natural care

Sylvia is a 39-year-old sports addict. Ever since she was a little girl, she's been involved in the practice of various sports like skiing, swimming, diving, running, cycling, and advanced hiking in the mountains. She works as a sales assistant for an international company, and in recent years, she started Read More

Palliative holistic care

Living abroad, Michael, 47 years old, had our contact details for more than ten years from a friend of a friend. Michael has been diagnosed with advanced-stage testicle cancer with lymph node metastases. When he received this diagnostic, he decided to reach out to us. As soon as he arrived, Read More

A Comprehensive Natural Health Journey

Meet Brad and Nikki, a couple with four children, including two adopted ones, aged 52 and 46. Their quest for improved health was initiated by a concerned friend. Brad, juggling international responsibilities and frequent travel, while Nikki manages a part-time online business and household duties, sought our guidance.Our user-friendly platform Read More

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Messages from our community

Adriana“I’ve trusted the Barone family since 2003. Their advice, treatments and necessary work on my side have helped me and still help me today to feel healthy in every way. If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, the Barone Family’s advice and treatments will certainly help you.”

Maria Theresa Bernasconi “I’ve been a client for a few years now and I travel from the Bernese Jura because I’ve found in Marina THE person par excellence who knows how to solve my problems and my needs with a great technical and human knowledge. I travel precisely 182km and about 2h1/2 of road for one trip. …(not very ecological I know…but my health is just as important as the health of our planet…it’s a choice to be made), that’s to say I’m more than satisfied, I haven’t found anyone else as competent and humane closer to my home. A BIG THANK YOU to Marina and her team.”

Léa Grammatopoulo“The Barones are extremely competent naturopaths. Whenever western medicine had no solution for my problems, I turned to them who always solved the situation simply, with natural products, and I never had any recurrences. So much so that over the years, I turned directly to them whenever I had a problem. They don’t hesitate to send me for scans, blood tests, or any other treatment I might need, and then take care of me. They are available all the time, and are very generous with their time and knowledge. Sometimes I call with a problem and instead of making an appointment, they spend 30 minutes on the phone with me, give me the solution, send a prescription to the pharmacy, and don’t even charge me! I highly recommend them on a medical level, but also on a human level.”

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