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David, 58 years, managing director of a medium-sized company, reached out to us for the first time 15 years ago. Loving his job, he had a very intense schedule with a lot of responsibilities and extensive travel around the world. 

David’s health problems

Never a big fan of conventional medicine, he explained to us that he was not using it except in severe cases, not wanting to take chemical pills unless forced to. However, in recent years, two episodes of sepsis and occasional heartburn have recurred without latent infection or other warning signs. 

Except for these episodes, he considered himself pretty healthy, suffering only from recent minor work-related physical pains with signs of fatigue, stress, and lack of good sleep. As his body is his working tool, he was concerned about those minor physical pains becoming bigger. 

He came to us to treat those and to have a natural medicine checkup to keep his top health.

Holistic natural solutions and care

At the start of our holistic care, we assessed his current health situation with clinical investigations and holistic natural medicine health checks and determined that he was, in addition to his symptoms, already suffering from underlying health issues, which easily explained the fatigue and the immune weakness manifested by the two sepsis episodes.

We explained to him that if not addressed, those issues could result in diseases and pathologies that would affect his ability to work optimally. We objectified it with specific blood tests as it is always important to us that the client understands where the problem is.

In fact, his current symptoms were alert signals to take seriously to prevent bigger problems. 

We started by addressing them and, at the same time, initiated a background treatment to improve his health.

The treatment consisted of specific western phytotherapy, chinese phytotherapy, homeopathy, biotherapy, supplements, and nutritional advice, as well as acupuncture, electromagnetic therapy, chromotherapy, and laser therapy.

We improved the quality of sleep, digestion, and circulation. We gave him the tools to reduce the stress. 

Results and situation improvement

After a couple of months, David saw a complete release of his minor physical pains and got a better sense of what we could naturally do together to improve his health. As of that time, a trust relationship was installed, and he started to confide in us for the management of all his health issues. 

Furthermore, he asked us for our advice and expertise on his professional and personal life impacts on his health. We took an in-depth analysis of his health through additional diagnostic tools and we reviewed his professional and personal lifestyle to see where improvements could be made. We guided him in a step-by-step process to implement those improvements and gave him answers to all his health questions. 

In a couple of years, David never felt as healthy and realized that he had not initially suspected that so many things could be done to improve health and prevent diseases naturally. Also, he realized the impact of his improved health on his professional and personal life thanks to long-term holistic natural care. 

Since then, he has been relying on our ongoing support to make better health decisions, address his health needs, and improve his health to perform optimally in the thing he loves the most: his job. 

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