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ADHD Case Study - ADHD Alternative Holistic Solutions

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Alain and Denise, 42 and 34 years old, are parents of a boy of 6, Dylan, and a girl of 7, Emily. Both working, they felt particularly tired of juggling family and professional life. They reached out to us initially to help Emily’s health issues, but we ended up taking care of the whole family.


Emily’s health problems

Both children don’t particularly like school, and Emily has just been diagnosed as hyperactive. Obviously, the teacher recommended a visit to the psychologist, who sees no harm in putting the child on Ritalin, but Alain and Denise want to find another solution.

Holistic natural solutions and care

When we see Emily in consultation, we notice that she loves to play, building an imaginary environment with legos and wooden sticks. She likes to draw and holds her consultation for an hour and a half without complaint. She asks questions and wants to know what it’s all about. Talking about school, she says she’s bored and lacks patience and interest.

After a health check-up, we notice certain micronutrient deficiencies linked to a poor diet. Emily feels tired because she has to get up at 6 a.m. every morning, which is too early for her, even though she goes to bed at 9 p.m. 

Sometimes, she has some energy left in the evening and only sleeps at 10 p.m. With parents working, the family can only be home after 7:30 p.m. and, therefore, does not spend much time together.

The situation is relatively complicated. A change of school could be envisaged with a school where the brother and sister could find themselves in a multi-grade class, with less rigid teaching and more creativity. The family is considering this option for next year.

In the meantime, and after testing Emily’s listening skills, we recommend the Tomatis method, which we use in our practice for diverse situations, including attention deficit hyperactivity.

Given her age and to avoid the stress of a blood test, we set up a treatment directly after making the initial natural health check-up. 

Results and situation improvement

Phytotherapy significantly improved the quality of her sleep and morning energy. With the Tomatis session, the behavior at school changed for the better, even if the daily rhythm was not the most suitable.


Dylan’s health problems

The most significant difficulty of Dylan is eating authentic meals rather than snacking on sweets and pastries. He is already slightly overweight, so improving his diet is a therapeutic priority. 

Holistic natural solutions and care

As he quibbles about taste, the challenge is to find a form of treatment that is efficient yet easy to administer, given his reluctance about anything that tastes different than the tastes he likes.

The treatments consisted of liquid phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, and homeopathy. 

Results and situation improvement

After three prescribed treatments over six months that Dylan took with little regularity, the feeding situation nevertheless improved. 

An analysis of the intestinal microbiota before and after treatment showed a real improvement in microbiota diversity and reduced intestinal inflammation.


The parents each needed a general toning of their energy in different ways and had specific health issues.

Denise’s health problems

At the first consultation, we assessed that Denise, the mother, was clearly the most tired of the two parents.  

Her primary health issue concerns her menstrual cycle, as she suffers from painful and heavy bleeding. 

This situation is particularly problematic as heavy bleeding aggravates her fatigue and creates an iron deficiency. This menstruation problem started not long after giving birth to Dylan.

Holistic natural solutions and results

Thanks to the incredible efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine in treating menstruation problems, we solved that issue in only two phytotherapeutic treatments over three months. 

We also implemented a supplementation for iron deficiency composed of iron, B12, and folate that lasted over a year with blood tests to adjust dosages.

Concerning her significant fatigue, we decided to use a hormonal checkup to assess her cortisol, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA level. This checkup enabled us to adapt her treatment to treat the underlying causes of her fatigue. 

Alain’s health problems

In the case of Alain, the father, his current health state and medical history showed risks of burnout. Consequently, the situation required a longer and more intense treatment, including a month’s sick leave. 

Holistic natural solutions and care

One of our health assessment tool, the “Proteomis blood test”, showed a collapse of all parameters, and a general hormonal drop, psychological fatigue and immune deficiency. 

Additionally, we did a neurotransmitter balance assessment, which showed a decrease in dopaminergic and noradrenergic activity.

The treatment consisted of the following:

  • herbal medicine
  • nutrition
  • supplements
  • sessions of electromagnetic therapy

Results and situation improvement

In the end, after 5 years of treatment, here are the results we achieved on Alain’s health:

  • the energy level has increased greatly
  • the general signs and parameters are back to normal
  • Alain’s morale is positive
  • we avoided Alain’s burnout, which would have put the whole family in great difficulty, both in terms of organization and psycho-emotional relationships.

Results and situation improvement of the family

Today, after eight years of holistic natural care follow-up, the parent’s energy level is back to its optimum, and we occasionally treat the family for specific problems such as a minor infection or fatigue following an accumulation of tasks.

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