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Hypothyroidism case study - Apprehending Chronic Disease

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Olivia is a young woman of 25. She contacted us on the recommendation of her sister, who successfully treated her headaches by coming to our clinic. 

Olivia’s health problems

Olivia has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. This means that she has hypothyroidism due to the production of autoantibodies. 

Conventional medicine suggests synthetic thyroid hormones but is unable to treat the cause. If the cause of the autoimmune disease doesn’t improve, Olivia will have to take thyroid hormones for the rest of her life. It’s not an option she’s considering, which is why she’s come to see us.

Holistic natural solutions and care

The causes of autoimmune diseases are complex, so we decided first to evaluate her immune system with a lymphocyte typing test.

The test showed an over-reactive immune system but also how it overreacts. That allowed us to regulate her immune system with cytokines in homeopathic dosage optimally.

We also used the Chinese medicine diagnosis tool to target phytotherapeutic treatment. In her case, the priority was eliminating excess dampness and strengthening the spleen. 

Finally, supplementation with amino acids and iodine helped to tone her thyroid.

After many months of treatments, her thyroid function is still in the lower range, but she can manage without synthetic hormones, which was the initial goal.

Other health problems

Olivia also suffered from digestive problems such as:

  • fatigue after meals
  • bloating
  • irregular transit.

We, therefore, focused on improving her diet to support her treatment. Phytotherapeutic and enzymatic treatment, as well as supplementation based on vitamins, minerals and probiotics, helped considerably.

Her weak point remains her difficulty in balancing her diet, but she sees so much improvement in her life that she is really motivated to persevere in improving her health.

In order to promote her ability to recover better, we also gave her herbal treatments to help her have better and deeper sleep. 

We recommended relaxation sessions adapted to her needs, which she can follow in the evening at bedtime in addition to the monthly sessions at our practice. 

Chromotherapy, acupuncture, and electromagnetic fields she receives during our sessions have deeply regenerated her. 

Results and situation improvement

After a year of monthly follow-up, we have spaced out the sessions to 1 quarterly session where the background treatment is adapted to her evolution. Olivia’s Hashimoto disease is now under control, but she knows that it can reactivate at any moment if her immune system is out of balance. 

To prevent that, we attach particular importance to teaching Olivia not to push her limits too far and to make better health choices. 

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