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Palliative holistic care

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Living abroad, Michael, 47 years old, had our contact details for more than ten years from a friend of a friend. 

Michael’s health problems

Michael has been diagnosed with advanced-stage testicle cancer with lymph node metastases. When he received this diagnostic, he decided to reach out to us. 

As soon as he arrived, we accompanied him to see doctors to have a new medical check-up to confirm the diagnosis, since Michael was not convinced by the first one he received abroad.

Fully taken into charge by conventional medicine, doctors confirmed the diagnosis and told him that there was nothing they could do. Chemo and radiation therapy were not recommended as the cancer was well too advanced, and surgery was not an option.

They, therefore, advised him to enjoy his time left the best he could before needing to be hospitalized.

At the time he reached out to us, he was able to do most things by himself but was suffering from great fatigue and pains during the day, as well as digestive discomfort.  

Fully aware that natural medicines could not do anything to cure him, he was still looking for some natural solution to help him cope with the pains, the fatigue, and the digestive discomfort during the couple of months of life he had left.

Holistic natural solutions and care

We arranged for him to receive 24-hour nursing care at the hotel where he decided to stay. 

In general, Michael was reluctant to the medical-hospital environment, which explains why his cancer had not been diagnosed before the terminal stage.

Yet, we were able to support him in his conventional medicine journey. We accompanied him for his medical visits, facilitated communication with the doctors, explained to him the results of the analysis, and reassured him about taking the chemical drugs needed to limit the complications of his cancer, such as taking anticoagulants following serious thrombosis, for example.

From the point of view of natural medicine management, we set up various treatments and focused our efforts on solving his digestive discomfort. 

He received five days per week of treatment sessions with electromagnetic fields, laser therapy, chromotherapy, and relaxation sessions with therapeutic music.

Results and situation management

During the time we saw him, his digestion improved, which helped him enjoy his favored meals once more. His pain remained bearable, then morphine was gradually introduced. 

Michael was extremely demanding in terms of time and emotional involvement, which was only possible on our part thanks to our knowledge and experience of human nature as many unsolved emotional issues arose with his loved ones.  

We helped him and his family talk about this to set things straight before his passing. 

At last, he was able to fulfill his last wish and rejoin his family in a foreign country to spend his last weeks with them in peace.

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