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arthrosis Case Study - Sportspeople And Holistic Natural Care

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Sylvia is a 39-year-old sports addict. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been involved in the practice of various sports like skiing, swimming, diving, running, cycling, and advanced hiking in the mountains. 

She works as a sales assistant for an international company, and in recent years, she started to travel a lot for work. She is single and has no children. She doesn’t smoke but drinks wine regularly.

Silvia’s health problems

She initially came to us for arthrosis in both knees. This arthrosis was diagnosed 1 year before, following knee discomfort she started to feel while running and hiking, which led her to see a doctor.  

The medical report following the knee MRIs stipulates that arthrosis is already advanced on both knees. 

Given her young age, she is afraid that her arthrosis worsen to the point where the only option is surgery with the insertion of a prosthesis. 

Conventional medicine doctors prescribed her hyaluronic acid injections that relieved her for a few months. They have no long-term solutions and do not offer her any solution now except to wait until arthrosis worsens to the point where surgery is mandatory. 

The insertion of a prosthesis would mean the end of sports practice as she knows it, as it would inevitably diminish her knee mobility and strength and would force her to quit sports that are too demanding. Because of that, she wants to avoid that scenario at all costs.

Despite her understanding that prevention is better than cure, she never took the time to learn how to implement real therapeutic solutions to preserve her health. 

Holistic natural solutions and care

The main and only goal of Sylvia is to treat this arthrosis, but when we carried out a complete health check-up on her, it revealed more global health issues, some linked directly to her knee arthrosis.

In general, Sylvia was suffering from a severe depletion of her hormonal levels, deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as chronic systemic inflammation. 

Our first step towards helping Sylvia was to make her understand that in order to improve her knee’s health, those global health issues had to be addressed urgently. Otherwise, arthrosis would continue to develop and possibly spread to other joints, threatening her entire sports practice. 

While addressing those global issues, we ran tests and blood analysis to see more detail about her health situation and gave Sylvia some hard evidence of what those issues looked like. 

It was of critical importance to Sylvia to be able to confront her current health situation and understand it better. 

With that done, Sylvia agreed to slow down a little on her sports practice during the time of our treatments, to give her body a better chance to heal. She understood that her sporting activities had far exceeded her physiological capabilities, and her lifestyle had worsened the situation even further.

Like many athletes, Sylvia’s weakest point in her sports practice is regular muscle stretching. We, therefore, explained to her the paramount importance of stretching for the health of her tissues (muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint) and showed her all the stretching, mobility, and flexibility exercises adapted to her. 

Luckily, Silva is delighted about swimming, so we encourage her to do more swimming and fewer other sports, which will also directly improve the health of her knees. 

Due to her frequent work travels, we had to optimize all her treatments to make them practical to carry with her at all times.

When she has time, she comes to our clinic for special treatment sessions, where we use electromagnetic fields, chromotherapy, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and laser therapy to promote cartilage regeneration. 

Results and situation improvement

After several years of undergoing our treatments, Silvia is still able to practice various sports as she wants. She is much more knowledgeable about her health and has learned to be more reasonable in her sports practice and lifestyle. 

She listens to her body and tries not to exceed a reasonable amount of effort while regularly practicing the stretching, mobility, and flexibility exercises we showed her. 

Her latest MRIs show a significant improvement in the articular cartilage of her knees with reduced arthrosis.

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