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Marina Barone

Naturopath Practitioner


  • Teacher (anatomy-physiology-pathology, healthy eating)
  • Natural Medicine Therapist
  • Co-founder of Holistic Natural Health Experts


Diplomas & Training:

  • Naturopathy-Heilpraktiker
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture and Pharmacopoeia
  • Manual techniques: Tui Na and fascia therapy
  • Reflex methods: Auriculotherapy
  • Tomatis Method
  • Micronutrition
  • Federal Adult Trainer Certificate
  • 5 years of classical medicine studies
Marina Barone Natural Medicine Expert

My Mission:

“Ignorance is the mother of all evils.” – Rabelais

I have always believed that knowledge and understanding of the living world are only useful if used to lead a more ethical, more just life. They are indispensable for anyone seeking freedom of action and thought.

My mission is to make my contribution to the collective knowledge of humanity, which has brought me so much personally, by transmitting through teaching my knowledge and understanding.

My professional career in medicine began at a very young age, in fact from the age of 14 I did multiple internships in veterinary practices. I practiced various treatments and therapeutic acts in collaboration with the care teams.

I then took part in a humanitarian mission during the 1980 earthquake in Italy, and I have never stopped working with various NGOs dedicated to protecting the environment, health, and animals.

This voluntary experience was a vital period of my youth, I matured quickly, understanding the essential things of life. I realized how ignorance can create unnecessary problems and suffering.

From then on, I considered access to information and health education to be of paramount importance as the basis of any medical practice.

Engaged simultaneously in university classical medicine and naturopathy studies, I experienced from within and for many years the irreconcilable discord of these two medicines. In fact, the conflict did not come from natural medicine, which when practiced seriously always considers resorting to classical medicine when necessary. The antinomy was painfully obvious from conventional medicine, which does not educate for health and does not offer effective treatments without harm.

During my medical studies, I experienced the years when patients began to rebel against the medical profession’s lack of consideration, information, and solutions to their health problems.

However, and certainly, through the positive encounters I had with “old school” doctors, classical medicine brought me rigor, observation, and the search for a therapeutic strategy. My medical studies and numerous internships have also allowed me to gain experience in a wide variety of health fields such as surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, geriatrics, and home care.

This has allowed me to understand when it is necessary to resort to conventional medicine or simply ask for a second opinion.

As someone who wanted to practice both, I had to make a choice because conventional medicine did not meet my expectations in terms of therapeutic solutions and ethics.

My meeting with Pascal Barone gave birth to the Barone natural medicine clinic, a multidisciplinary and innovative approach dedicated to offering the best possible treatments through natural medicine.

The long years of studies in natural medicine have followed one another, year after year, including homeopathy, naturopathy, chinese medicine, nutrition, all in parallel with consultations.

My love for teaching never left me, so in 1993, I began teaching the anatomy-physio-pathology of the human body in naturopathic schools. Since then, I have never stopped teaching and passing on my passion for understanding and treating our human body, whether it be to future natural medicine therapists or patients seeking treatment.

All these years of teaching have confirmed that ignorance is the mother of all evils and that to be able to choose intelligently, one must first of all understand and know.

Thanks to the joint work with Pascal and Philippe-Abraham Barone and their invaluable help, I can today realize my dream, the concretization, with the creation of Holistic Natural Health Experts, of more than 30 years of practice and teaching of natural medicines.

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