Personalized One-on-One Consultations

Special access one-on-one coaching available only to Optimal and Integrated tier members.

Our virtual online clinic is available anytime, anywhere, offering you customized attention for any health-related issue.

Available in French, English, Spanish and Italian, you can benefit from our individual specialties and our team dynamic, to discover holistic solutions for addressing any health problems and improving energy and vitality.

How Does it Work ?

We offer analysis and treatment options as diverse as our clients themselves. Starting with our in-depth health questionnaire, we will understand your current state of health and the factors which can be addressed to support you in achieving optimal health. Following our comprehensive assessment, we’ll meet for online consultations through our state-of-the-art holistic health platform, to discuss with you in full detail your best options for efficiently and effectively shifting into greater health.

Holistic Natural Health Experts - doctors Barone nutrition optimal wellness (13)
Holistic Natural Health Experts - doctors Barone nutrition optimal wellness (11)

Natural Treatments

Our expert team leverages our decades of combined experience to go beyond symptoms to the root causes of any health situation. We use a holistic approach, considering both the specific issues and the systemic whole.

The goal is nothing less than sustainable and effective therapeutics to support you both in short term relief but also in long term systemic improvements, to offer you profound and lasting results.

We stay close with you during and following your sessions, to guide you step by step towards your optimal health. Where appropriate we prescribe treatments and natural medicines customized to your body and your goals, and offer personal support to ensure you get the results you want.

Your Personal Health Consultants

For clients who are seeking answers rather than treatments, we offer expert guidance and expertise to address any question or find the best options for achieving peak health.

You may benefit from our support in a range of situations including:


  • Identifying optional medical procedures and evaluating the pros and cons of each
  • Understanding medical test results and reports
  • Finding natural products for health conditions that do not require chemical drugs
  • Ideas for staying healthy and protected while traveling and on vacation
  • Strategies for improving your health at work
  • Deepened understanding of how your life choices impact your health
  • Clarifying health goals that are meaningful and achievable
  • Developing a vision of your optimal health and thriving for longevity
  • Any other personal requests or concerns on any health related issue
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– For Integrated and Optimal members only)

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