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Philippe-Abraham Barone

Naturopath Practitioner


  • Teacher (biomechanics, acroyoga, sports coach, martial arts, survivalism)
  • Practicing (All complex and intelligent sports and movement disciplines including acrobatics, martial arts, callisthenics, racket and ball sports, etc.)
  • Natural Medicine Therapist
  • Co-founder of Holistic Natural Health Experts


Diplomas & Education:

  • Naturopathy-Heilpraktiker
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture and Pharmacopoeia
  • Manual techniques: Osteopathy, Tui Na, Reboutology, Trigger point, Fascia therapy
  • Reflex methods: Auriculotherapy and Sympathicotherapy
  • Yoga and Acroyoga
  • Tomatis Method
  • First aid – Samaritan
Philippe Abraham Barone Natural Medicine Expert

My Mission:

“Movement is life!”

My passion has always been to learn, understand, and transmit.

Born in a family of therapists, I grew up bathed in the field of health, therapy, and natural medicine. Thanks to homeschooling, I have had the time to practice different sports at a high level. In the field of natural medicine, I naturally became interested in body therapies, therapies close to the practice of sports, and the understanding of the body in movement.

Wishing to understand better how our body works, I attended for years the anatomy, physiology, and pathology courses of my mother, Marina Barone, who taught future therapists in natural medicine schools.

I began my studies in naturopathy and Chinese medicine at a very early age, and a few years later, I was working in our family practice of natural medicine, learning from my father and mother, both excellent therapists in their fields. At the same time, I continued my interest in sports and movement, practicing martial arts, acrobatics, racquet, and ball sports.

It was by treating my patients with manual techniques, as well as deepening my practice of sports and other movement disciplines, that I understood my true calling: the study, experimentation, and understanding of biomechanics (biomechanics is the exploration and analysis of the mechanical properties of living organisms, as well as the engineering principles that make biological systems work). Applying these new biomechanical understandings, I realized that they underpin the practice of all sports and movement disciplines.

I was amazed to find that not only did I feel the veracity of my discoveries in my own sports practice, but that they exceeded my expectations. I, therefore, included my biomechanical understandings in my therapy. Seeing the same benefits, I sought to know if these biomechanical understandings could be applied to other health areas and more broadly to other areas of life.

Thus, as I broadened the scope of my research, I discovered that the same biomechanical principles and systems applied to the functioning of humans, animals, plants, and other living organisms. My passion has therefore extended to the study of ecosystems, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. We can only be healthy if our environment is healthy too. Interdependence is the biomechanical principle that underlies the entire construction of life.

In the spirit of returning to our roots, I am involved with my parents in the realization of a project in Costa Rica, for a sustainable life based on cohabitation with wild animals, protection of the primary forest, organic plant permaculture, ecological construction, and self-sufficiency.

Co-founder of Holistic Natural Health Experts, I work in collaboration with Marina Barone and Pascal Barone to offer quality and professionalism in the health field. 

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