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Can dogs be vegan?

The dog was most certainly the first animal domesticated by man. Genetically different from the wolf, the dog has followed man for tens of thousands of years.

An unfailing companion, man uses it as he sees fit.

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In exchange for a bowl and a shelter, the dog bends to the will of his pack leader. Guide, guard, hunting, companion, tracking, war, rescue, assistance, protection, shepherd, laboratory dog, millions of dogs have lost their lives to soften ours.

While the wolf is mainly a carnivore, the dog has long since evolved towards a much more scavenger and omnivorous diet. Even today, the majority of dogs still eat either what they find or the leftovers of their masters’ meals.

The dog is therefore not a carnivore, this belief was developed by the meat industry and the dog food agribusiness.

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Worse still, nowadays, under the cover of so-called canine carnivorism, “meats”, which we find in the composition of dog cans and dog food, are made from the following animals: salmon, tuna, all species of fish, shark, whale, dolphin, lamb, ostrich, kangaroo, beef, duck, chicken, turkey, pig, horse and all equines, goat, crocodile, rabbit, dogs, cats and other rendered animals, game such as pheasant, wild boar, deer, and more…

Have we gone crazy? Do you think your dog would “naturally” feed on these animals in the wild? Of course not.

Pretending that the dog is carnivorous is false and claiming that eating animals from breeding, hunting and fishing is natural for the dog is equally false.

These two lies have served as a basis for imbuing the brains of dog owners with two false notions:

  • I am unable to properly feed my dog with homemade omnivore/vegetable food.
  • My dog will get a healthy and balanced diet with the kibbles and meat cans, because agribusiness knows what is good for my dog.

But it’s not. You can feed your dog a healthy homemade, plant-based diet, and it’s even the best thing to do.

Does that mean the dog is naturally vegan? Of course it doesn’t.

However, feeding your dog meat from industrial kibbles and cans, as just described, has nothing to do with the natural predation that the dog would exercise in the wild to feed itself.

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It should also be made clear that no carnivore-omnivore in the world raises its prey or mutilates it for the sole purpose of killing it. This is a deviant behavior peculiar to humans.

The process of feeding your dog with a vegetable food is therefore based on the ethical and moral obligation not to raise, torture, and kill other animals to make him live.

Therefore, since my dog is a “domestic” animal, for which I take full responsibility for housing, feeding, walking and caring for him; since my dog depends on me for all the decisions I make for him, the only question that remains is this:

Is it possible to feed my dog, covering all his food and nutritional needs, with a vegetable diet? The answer is YES. And it’s not complicated to do!

If one does not want to be an accomplice in crimes against animals, there are only two alternatives: give up living with a dog or feed it a vegetable diet.

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