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How to achieve optimal health with natural medicine?

Health is a state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

But it is also:

  • A healthy living environment, abundant with nature, pure air and water, sun, healthy and varied foods
  • A personal, social, and professional life with maximum fulfillment and minimum stress and injustice
  • A life in harmonious coexistence and interdependence with all forms of life around us
  • An individual and collective fulfillment

Too often, when people think about health, they think only about their body. Still, actual health comes when we are balanced with our environment and when we and what surrounds us are in a well-being state.

Health vs Optimal health

Health and optimal health are two different things. They differ in some aspects, even if they are both talking about health and wellness.


Health, as opposed to sickness, fits the above definition: a state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We can think of health as a system of relationships within which the healthy body exists. It is also a moral, social, and even political phenomenon.

It is more than the absence of sickness, as we can perfectly be sickness-free but not in a state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Health is definitely achievable, yet it requires working both on the prevention and treatment of diseases. Also, it is not because someone reaches it that it is permanent. To keep it, someone needs to work on it regularly.

Optimal health

Simply put, optimal health is the maximum health someone can ever reach. Therefore, it includes all that we said about health but goes beyond that.

Unlike health, optimal health is more of a never ending quest than an achievable state. In other words, someone might reach optimal health for a small period of time during his life, but it’s almost impossible to maintain it. It is a constant search for improvement and harmony.

In that quest, natural medicines represent an excellent tool to work on the variables we can control to improve our health, provided that we resort to real holistic natural health experts.

The goal is to be the closest possible to optimal health at all times.

Optimal health is directly connected to the concept of everybody’s own potential. Everyone is born with a potential that he can more or less express. How much of your potential you will be able to manifest during your lifetime will depend on tons of factors, and that’s how it works for all topics of life, including health.

Thus, optimal health is very difficult to achieve as it requires to improve so many factors, but achieving it is a way of honoring the potential we were born with by living it to the fullest.

By being as close as possible to optimal health, we enable ourselves to live the best life possible no matter who we are and where we live.

In all cases, optimal health is not something you can reach in a couple of weeks, it is a long-term quest that requires years of work and commitment.

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Improve your health today

How to start moving toward optimal health

Evidently, before seeking optimal health, you need to be healthy. For that, we recommend that you get the help of a holistic natural health expert to address your current health issues if any and start improving your overall health.

Also, it is essential, before embracing this quest, to determine if you are willing to make the necessary efforts over a long period of time.

As optimal health is a combination of numerous factors, you need to get accustomed to adding up small progress and working on all aspects of your life.

Natural medicines will be of great help for that, as they naturally gives you a global and holistic approach of your health.

Amongst all factors of optimal health, we recommend that your first focus all your energy on the biggest three:

  • Diet
  • Hydration
  • Movement and sport

For that, you can start right away by subscribing to our platform and downloading our three ebooks on the subject.

Do not buy into “Quick fix” solutions

If you start to make some research on the field of health and especially optimal health, you will quickly be overwhelmed with advertisements telling you, “Do this incredible method for just… dollars, and you will achieve your best health”, or “buy this amazing supplement that is the key to unlock your health potential” or “discover the ancient secret of the amazon tribe for peak health and longevity”.

DO NOT FALL FOR THEM. Don’t take these statements as facts as they are not. They are lies, even if, in some cases, some of these products and methods can definitely help.

You need to remember that there is no magical trick, no one solution to solve all problems. It would be known for a long time if the magic wand existed!

Behind optimal health, there is a long process filled with hard work and commitment to a combination of methods, practices, products, medicines, health devices, etc., but never a magic pill or method.

This is not health but business aimed at making you consume health oriented products, regardless of their real effects and possible results.

Finding a holistic natural health expert

This is where again, the help of a holistic natural health expert is critical, in our opinion. It is impossible for ordinary people, that do not have the necessary background, skills, and training, to sort this out.

Sadly, this is also where the biggest challenge lies. From our perspective of experts in the field, we evaluate that for one thousand natural health practitioners, there is only 1 real expert.

This makes it really difficult for the layman to find the right help and support in natural medicines. It is also why so many people are still thinking that natural medicine is a quack-fake medicine.

Honestly, we can’t blame them as, realistically, most so-called therapists don’t even know what they are doing.

Natural medicines are complex-advanced medicines. They require years of training to master and ongoing training to treat patients correctly, precisely like a specialized surgeon who needs years of training and experience to be good at what he does.

To increase your chance to find real experts in natural medicine, we advise you to start by looking closely at their training and choosing preferably the ones who are doing that by vocation as their primary profession.

If you want to know more about how to find an holistic natural health expert, you can also watch our two free webinars on the subject.

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