What is health?

Health is a state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

But it is also:

  • a healthy living environment, abundant with nature, pure air and water, sun, healthy and varied foods
  • a personal, social and professional life with maximum fulfillment and minimum stress and injustice
  • a life in harmonious coexistence and interdependence with all forms of life around us.
  • an individual and collective fulfillment

Too often, when people think about health, they think only about their body. Still, actual health comes when we are balanced with our environment when we and what surrounds us are in a well-being state.  

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We can think of health as a system of relationships within which the healthy body exists.

It is also a moral, social, and even political phenomenon.

Health is a philosophy of life, a state of being, a constant search for improvement and harmony, and not a simple goal to be achieved and conserved.

But on the other hand, if we go further, we realize that the definition of health is not all that objective. 

Indeed what means “well-being” for someone may not be the case for someone else. Inherently, a state of well-being depends on each individual’s thoughts and emotions.

Inevitably, that makes the health definition unique for each of us, and more importantly, something to discover and decide by yourself.

In that sense, health is both an objective and a subjective concept. Although the objective definition is valid for all human beings, each human can choose his own.

Thus, for anyone concerned by their health, the first step is to ask yourself the following question:

For me, what does being healthy mean?

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