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Today it is finally accepted that at 99.99% chance the virus came from a laboratory that practices gain of function, which means “increasing the infectivity” of a virus. Was the release intentional or not? The question remains unanswered today.

It is also recognized that the experimental injections do not protect against infection or transmission and cause an untold number of side effects.

PCR tests can never detect a “healthy carrier” patient because there is no such thing. Either you are sick or you are not sick and the detection of virus fragments is completely normal and without any consequences for the person or for the possible contamination of other people.

However, PCR tests have been the perfect alibi to create an epidemic of cases.

We also know that the deaths of anyone who tested positive for sars cov 2 or simply assumed to be positive were counted as deaths caused by covid regardless of the cause of death.

In 2022, following the various scandals revealed, month after month, by investigative journalists, whistleblowers, doctors and experts worldwide, there is nothing left of this epidemic.

The ban on treatments could allow experimental injections to be put on the market. If only one treatment had been officially recognized, this massive campaign of injections under threat and duress would never have taken place.

Hundreds of billions of dollars were at stake, so the pharmaceutical industry succeeded, thanks to consulting firms and unprecedented media censorship, in implementing its laws for its profits.

We still had good news about the virus! These successive mutations have rendered it harmless since the summer of 2021 so the narrative of covid has definitely collapsed in 2022.

Today, we are facing a treatment of a respiratory infection as it exists every year, especially in winter period.

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What are some of the most common symptoms of Covid?

Initially, we are talking about the beginning of 2020, the first epidemic, the symptoms of covid were mainly :

  • An important vascular inflammation
  • A more or less variable pulmonary affection

In fact, it is very likely that the epidemic began in the summer of 2019 since doctors had already described atypical pneumonia.

Only, until March 2020, doctors treated their patients as usual and so there was no panic.

With the ban on treatment, patients who were clotting could no longer breathe, which could cause their death.

The other symptoms were similar to those of pneumonia, with occasional digestive problems, mainly diarrhea.

Today the symptoms are those of simple bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis or sinusitis. The vascular attacks have disappeared.

Let’s remember that every year, old or sick people are at risk of dying from an infection. This is the case with influenza, but also with any infection, especially those contracted in hospital.

Respiratory diseases affect more than 300 million people worldwide, causing several million deaths each year. They are the fourth cause of death and if we take tuberculosis, an infectious, serious and contagious disease, there are several million new patients every year.

Conventional treatment of Covid and problems with that

There is no conventional treatment for covid. However, its clinical manifestations are treatable without exception. Various protocols have been established by doctors, clinics and hospitals that have been able to treat it.

Among the undeniably effective drugs are

  • Cortisone (essential to reduce inflammation)
  • Hydroxychloroquine (known for its effectiveness against sars cov 1 since 2005)
  • Ivermectin (our favorite, in addition to its antiviral action, an anticoagulant action has recently been demonstrated)
  • Antibiotics (azithromycin to avoid superinfections and for its indirect antiviral action)
  • Anticoagulants such as heparin (in case of coagulation)
  • Oxygen therapy

All these drugs are safe, known and used for decades. When used correctly and according to the clinical situation of each patient, the result was assured.

The late Dr. Zelenko successfully treated all his patients, thousands of them!

The IHU in Marseille, one of the world’s largest centers for research and treatment of infectious diseases, has achieved spectacular results with the administration of hydroxychloroquine and oxygen therapy as well as all the necessary additional remedies.

With the official covid recommendations, in two words: stay at home and take paracetamol, the infected people could only get worse. Never in the history of medicine have doctors been forbidden to treat their patients. Never.

Moreover, many people became seriously ill, because paracetamol is toxic to the liver.

Refusing effective and cheap remedies, others were administered with terrible side effects.

Remdesivir is known to be very toxic for the kidneys and without any effectiveness on the virus, unfortunately it has been used on hundreds of thousands of people often resulting in death or kidney failure.

Paxlovid, which is ineffective, is useless since medical ethics require the use of the cheapest and safest drugs, which brings us back to our list above.

The main recommendation that could be given in 2020-2021 to any person was to start treatment as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment was started, the faster the result.

Today most respiratory infections are treated as always by:

  • Antibiotics
  • Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medication
  • Cortisone if necessary

Holistic treatment of mild/severe infection of Covid

Early on, Chinese pharmacopoeia practitioners knew which herbs to use and many Chinese medicine formulas were used in China in conjunction with high dose vitamin C infusions.

Personally, in our practice, we have been able to test herbal medicine in all of these forms for the treatment of original sars cov 2 and have found varying results for different individuals.

Aromatherapy has proven to be very useful as essential oils have a remarkable anti-infectious action.

Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D supplementation was also quickly recommended as a complement to ivermectin treatment. The sad and shameful thing is that people had to find ivermectin on their own and not all of them were able to do so.

Ivermectin can be considered a natural treatment since it is derived from the fermentation of the bacterium streptomyces avermitilis.

Ivermectin, commonly used as an antiparasitic, is one of the few drugs that has very few side effects, mainly related to the death of parasites.

However, please note that ivermectin is not a candy, it must be taken wisely like any other medication.

Some countries have distributed a treatment kit containing ivermectin, which has prevented many serious cases.

While the natural treatment has proven effective and sufficient in a number of cases, its combination has sometimes been necessary with conventional treatments such as:

  • Cortisone
  • Anticoagulants or antibiotics
  • Oxygen therapy

In a very simple way, one could evaluate the oxygen saturation of the blood with an oximeter. A significant drop to 93-92-91% or even less was an indication of worsening pulmonary or circulatory damage.

The oximeter, which costs only a few dollars, is as indispensable in the family pharmacy as the thermometer.

Common herbal medicines that can be used to treat a Covid infection

Effective phytotherapeutic treatments are always personalized, as with other natural treatments.

This is one of the many fundamental differences between conventional and natural medicine.

In natural medicine, there is no such thing as a standard treatment for a disease or syndrome, because all natural treatments are based, above all, on the unique characteristics of the patient. Thus, it is not uncommon to see that the treatment for two people officially suffering from the same disease is different.

Furthermore, the choice of plants for the phytotherapeutic treatment of a patient suffering from covid will also fluctuate according to the following symptoms

  • Fever
  • Wet or dry cough
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sesire to drink hot or cold
  • etc.

However, some essential oils which have strong anti-infectious properties, are used very frequently in natural medicine, such as

  • The noble laurel
  • The niaouli,
  • Thyme with thymol,
  • The green myrtle,
  • The cajeput,
  • Eucalyptus globulus and radiata,
  • etc.

This is also the case of Chinese phytotherapy, also called Chinese pharmacopoeia, which contains plants with remarkable anti-infectious properties such as

  • Huang lian
  • Huang qin
  • Huang bai
  • Jin yin hua
  • Shi gao
  • Lian qiao
  • etc.

Ayurvedic medicine also has its anti-infectious formulas with:

  • Tinospora cordifolia
  • Mukul balsamodendron
  • Emblica officinalis
  • Rubia cordifolia
  • etc.

In the tradition of home remedies, many herbal tea preparations exist, for example based on thyme, oregano, bay leaf, sage, cinnamon, with two or three cloves, lemon and a little barley malt (or honey for those who consume it).

Importance of treating a Covid infection

All infections must be treated properly and well treated covid heals easily even with fragile people.

All the literature, invented or not, on long covid is due to :

  • The non-treatment of the infection
  • Administration of toxic and inappropriate drugs
  • The wrong treatment

Thus, it can be said that there is no such thing as long covid.

Doctors and therapists who have treated have had spectacular results and complications due to the infection have been very rare.

If the treatments had not been banned, the measures against human rights and health could not have been put in place. The people would have been treated as they were in the first three months of the year 2020.

Thus, it can be said that the treatment of covid was of paramount importance for social cohesion and for the health of each person by following of course the three fundamental rules:

  • Do no harm
  • Treat as soon as possible
  • To take care of the patients with all available means

Our expert advice

Firstly, nowadays, the majority of people are poorly or not informed about their health. This ignorance gives rise to anxiety, a fear of diseases in general, especially infectious diseases.

This fear is mostly irrational because if we trust our body, if we take care of it and use the different medicines at our disposal, we can protect ourselves and treat effectively the majority of infectious diseases.

On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to be overcome by fear and panic, then our behavior becomes irrational and dangerous for ourselves and for others with dramatic consequences far more serious than the disease itself.

Secondly, one of the lessons to be learned from this terrible disaster, created by the measures taken by the countries that have applied the sanitary dictatorship, is the vital importance of having access to high quality sources of information from experts without any links or conflicts of interest.

That is why we at Holistic Natural Health Experts are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality knowledge and education on holistic health without any links or conflicts of interest.

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