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The role of surgery in natural medicine

Surgery is a traditional practice. Unlike what most people think, it is not the recent science from a couple decades ago that created surgery.

In reality, the oldest traces of it go back 2000 years ago with traditional Chinese medicine.

It is only very recently in the history of medicine that surgery was incorporated into unnatural medicine.

A few centuries ago, surgeons were not seen as doctors but as servants of the devil, heretics to be burned at stake, but now, surgeons are great doctors with the highest distinction in the medical field.

Thanks a lot to all the movies and tv shows, surgeons are often portrayed as saviors who can make miracles.

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While this is not false, it is undoubtedly overall exaggerated.

Today, surgery has taken a big part in unnatural medicine, and massive improvements were made thanks to the tremendous support from physics and industry, enabling precise and sophisticated instruments.

Asepsis and anesthesia have also progressed, allowing for surgeries that were once impossible to consider.

Like we said at the beginning, surgery is not inherent to unnatural medicine. It’s the unnatural medicine that decided, a couple centuries ago, to take over surgery completely. 

In that sense, surgery is not incompatible with natural medicine, quite the contrary.

Surgery plays an irreplaceable role when pathological situations need physical intervention.

The best example of that is emergency care. It is basic logic and common sense to see why surgery is mandatory in these life-or-death situations.

However, all surgeries has risks and side effects. Therefore, we must resort to surgery when indispensable and not hesitate to take several opinions before choosing to do so.

This is why surgery is considered a helpful tool in natural medicine, but only as a last resort or where it’s the only option.  

Remember that surgery is an irredeemable act that we can’t undo if needed.

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