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What should my dog eat?

To know how to feed an animal, we must ask ourselves: what is his diet?

Dogs, genetically different from the wolf, have followed the man for tens of thousands of years.

While the wolf is mainly still a carnivore, the dog has long since evolved towards a much more scavenger and omnivorous diet. Dogs, therefore, are not carnivores anymore.

Even today, most of the 100 million dogs on the planet are still eating either what they find or the leftovers of their owners’ meals.

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The meat industry and dog food agribusiness initiative created this belief that dogs are carnivores, needing to eat the cans and kibbles they produce.

While they make flashy advertising to sell you their so-called best food for dogs, you are missing a much more straightforward and healthier way to feed your best companion.    

But if dogs are not carnivores anymore, what should they eat? Few leftovers? Well, no, there is much better to do: feeding them homemade vegan food. Why? Simply because it’s the best way to cover all their food and nutritional needs.

Even better, you can reduce the risks of illnesses and increase your dog’s longevity by feeding him a vegan diet. 

Whether it’s homemade or bought, vegan food for a dog is simply the best option for him, for you, and the environment, including a critical aspect: the ethical choice not to kill other animals to feed your best companion.

And guess what, the icing on the cake is that if you are vegan, it can be leftovers too!

To learn more about how to help your dog thrive on a vegan diet, including precise recipe and ingredients for various sizes of dog, please visit our free library full of topics like these and covering a wide range of topics written by Holistic Natural Health Experts.

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