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Why should I feed my dog vegan?

Since the beginning of time, we have granted ourselves the right to own so-called pets.

Let’s only consider here that the “ownership” of a pet seems to go without saying with the obligation to pamper it, to feed it, to walk it, to offer it spaces of freedom, to take care of its health, to remain at its side throughout its life and, if necessary, to resort to euthanasia to relieve it of its suffering.

Exceptional or exclusive relationship?

The dog (a minority of dogs, it should be noted, which will not be among the dogs that are martyred, abandoned, killed for their meat or tortured in laboratories) can benefit, sometimes, from an exceptionally profound, beautiful and authentic relationship with humans.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to experience it have been forever affected by it. Philosophers, writers, artists, and many who have access to a certain amount of media coverage have brought this relationship to the forefront.

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But then how is it possible that this fantastic relationship comes only because we have a deep bond with an individual? Because he is someone, because he has a name, because he is a family member? 

We know that humans prioritize their loved ones, and this is partly normal: first, we take care of our family, then of others, and the dog is part of the family.

But how can we imagine that we can respect this animal companion, a family member, and paradoxically, directly cause torture and suffering to other animals to feed him?

Would you send your dog to the slaughterhouse? No? Then why would you send other animals there?

We are all animals. Think about it. We are all animals, we all have the right not to be killed and the right not to suffer unnecessarily.

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Dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, men, we are all equal in the face of suffering. The human-animal has self-proclaimed itself a superior animal with the right to life, death and torture over all others. Yet, the result of this behavior is a flagrant failure.

In our countries, mainly dogs and cats enjoy a more respectable status than cows or pigs that end up being cut up and spread out in pieces of meat in supermarkets, but in other countries, dogs and cats are eaten in the same way as we eat cows and pigs.

Healthy eating

Considering that feeding your dog vegan food is the only ethical choice, remain the big question: does vegan food appropriate for my dog?

And the answer is yes! That makes another reason for feeding your dog vegan food, as it is, in reality, better for his health.  Indeed, dogs are not naturally vegan, but they are not naturally carnivore too.

Genetically different from the wolf, the dog has followed the man for tens of thousands of years.

While the wolf is mainly a carnivore, the dog has long since evolved towards a much more scavenger and omnivorous diet. Most dogs still eat either what they find or the leftovers of their owners’ meals even today.

The dog is therefore not a carnivore, this belief was developed by the meat industry and the dog food agribusiness to make billions of profit.

Even worse, nowadays, under cover of the so-called canine carnivorism, the “meats” we find in the composition of dog cans and dog food are made from the following animals: salmon, tuna, all species of fish, shark, whale, dolphin, lamb, ostrich, kangaroo, beef, duck, chicken, turkey, pig, horse and all equines, goat, crocodile, rabbit, dogs, cats and other rendered animals, game such as pheasant, wild boar, deer, and others.

Have we gone crazy? Do you think your dog would “naturally” feed on these animals in the wild? Of course not.

In reality, pretending that the dog is carnivorous is false and claiming that eating animals from breeding, hunting and fishing is natural for the dog is just as wrong.

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