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Natural medicine for systems not symptoms

Of all the points that differentiate natural medicine from unnatural (conventional) medicine, this is a major one.

Indeed natural medicine doesn’t simply aim at treating the symptoms. Why?

Because symptoms are not the cause but the consequences.

Treating only the symptoms is like breaking the fire alarm instead of dealing with the fire. The fire is still there, but we don’t know it anymore.

It is also like scooping out water from the leak without repairing the leak.

Nevertheless, most people still think that natural medicine is an alternative medicine that works just like unnatural medicine, simply it is not using synthetic drugs but instead natural remedies like herbs and essential oils.

We can’t blame them. The sad reality is that 20 years ago, when there was a renewed interest in natural medicines, too many of us have betrayed the profession by teaching natural medicine the way unnatural medicine is.

By greed, the desire to become famous, naivety, or simply to survive, when some unethical regular doctors came knocking at the door of natural practitioner’s they received them with open arms.

The problem is that these unethical doctors were not interested in learning from scratch a new medicine and questioning what they had previously learned in unnatural medicine.

No, they were there to steal the much they could and use whatever they got for improving the patient experience in their clinic.

The important point to know is that most of them were not doing that willingly.

The patients, disappointed by unnatural medicine treatments that did not solve their problems, complained more and more to their doctors. Also, they reported regularly to them the excellent results obtained when resorting to natural therapies.

To avoid losing too many customers, these doctors were forced to look into natural medicines.

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But because their unnatural medicine training taught them to think only the way unnatural medicine works, they were clueless in understanding natural medicine.

It is then where unethical natural medicine practitioners made the most significant betrayal by teaching natural medicine the same way unnatural medicine works.

Among all the things that this betrayal corrupted in the natural medicines curriculum, a big one was transforming natural medicine into symptomatic medicine.

The result is the disaster that we know today where we take a pill for everything, whether it contains synthetic drugs or natural herbs.

But no, natural medicine is not that, not at all.

Natural medicine is a complete tool to look at the human body as a whole, as an entire system with subsystems and intricacies, to see the human’s entity not as the center of the world but as a small system embedded into larger systems that we commonly call our environment.

It is a highly complex and sophisticated science and art that tries to the extent possible to grasp the human body’s complexity to help him recover the best health. 

It is a gift for humanity, made possible by many men and women before us who have given their lives to acquire and pass on this incredible knowledge.

To learn more about natural medicines and how they can help you thrive, please visit our free library full of topics like these covering a wide range of topics written by Holistic Natural Health Experts.

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