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How does the immune system work?

To preserve each one of us’ individual life, each body is endowed with an immune system.

Our immune system’s functioning is intimately linked to our environment, first in the family, then to the ecosystem in which we operate.

Destroying ecosystems inevitably weakens our immunity, putting us at risk both in terms of health and the risk of infection.

This immune system comprises all systems, organs, structures, cells, and molecules that identify both SELF and non-SELF.

Identifying SELF and non-SELF is the primary key mechanism used by our immune system to kill and destroy dangerous pathogens while protecting our own self. 

A dysfunctional SELF and non-SELF system will end up causing all sorts of pathologies like allergies and auto-immune diseases.

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In order to successfully complete his mission of protection, our immune system is equipped with different organs, systems, and structures like the bone marrow, the spleen, the tonsils, the appendix, etc.

Among these tools, he can count on complex and sophisticated specialized cells called the immune cells. The majority of these cells are known as white blood cells like the famous macrophages.

He can also count on non-specific defenses:

  • natural barriers such as hair, skin, mucous membranes
  • natural reflexes such as shivering, coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • natural secretions such as saliva, tears, urine
  • cilia of respiratory cells and mucus

These non-specific defenses are at the front all the time, and the more effective their actions, the faster the intruders will be eliminated. This will not pose a danger to the whole body.

But that’s not all. Our immune system performs many other tasks like killing abnormal cells that develop in our body, assuring the good communication between all the systems in our body, and regulating our environment’s tolerance. 

Even today, the immune system stays for a large part a mystery, especially in its functioning.

Complex and logical, delicate and robust at the same time, our magnificent immune system has not finished to surprise us.

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