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Is Eczema an Autoimmune Disease?

Eczema Holistic Natural Health Experts

Eczema is one of many skin afflictions. To better understand it, let’s first see some basic facts about the skin.
The skin is the human body’s largest organ, covering around 2 m2 and weighing around 12 kg for a man of 175 cm and 75 kg.

Holistic Health Secrets of the Epigenome

Physical Activity Holistic Natural Health Experts

To understand the epigenome, we must first understand where all the magic takes place: in each cell of our body.
The cell is the smallest autonomous living unit in our body. This means that a cell averaging no more than ten microns in size can convert nutrients into energy, breathe and reproduce.

Is asthma an autoimmune disease?


Imagine our lungs as an upside-down tree. Our trachea would be the trunk from which inhaled and exhaled air circulates through the branches, which divide into thinner and thinner branches.

Signs of a strong immune system

Strong Immune Sytem Holistic Natural Health Experts

Signs of a strong immune system can’t be listed, there are too many. A strong immune system is mostly the absence of weakened immune system.

Should I avoid foods with gluten?

Foods to avoid with gluten

Here’s a detailed guide on gluten allergy and intolerance, the causes, and foods to avoid with gluten along with their alternatives.

Food microbiota and intolerances

Microbiota Digestive System Holistic Natural Health Experts Nutrition Organic Sustainable

We have more bacterias in our tubes than cells in our bodies.

We are what we eat, and our microbiota is what we feed him with.

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