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Food microbiota and intolerances

Many books can be written just on this matter. It can be considered as a topic on himself with many subtopics.

From a professional point of view, we can genuinely say that the microbiota of the human body is with the immune system, one of the areas where a lot of questions are still unanswered and probably never will.

We have more bacterias in our tubes than cells in our bodies. Even for someone who doesn’t have any biology or medical studies background, this statement alone is impressive.

We are far from understanding everything on how the human body works, and everything that lives inside of us in our digestive system is potentially even more complex than our whole body.

Ironically, the two health fields we understand the least are intimately connected as it is impossible to have intolerances because of an imbalance of our flora without having an immune system implication and vice versa.

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The good news is that whatever the pathological case or health situation, whatever the intolerances are, implementing a healthy diet is always recommended!

More importantly, we would like people to understand that it’s the first step before ANY other health procedures.

We are what we eat, and our microbiota is what we feed him with.

But because microbiota is a topic of endless findings, today, many people are following hundreds of different “gut gurus.”

Because of that, they are taking anything and everything for treating their gut.

Prebiotics, probiotics, particular bacterias, yeasts, specific supplements, special herbs, oils, mushrooms, special diets, cleansing protocol, etc. It’s a never-ending list…

If 10% of that effort were put into adopting a healthy diet and removing bad lifestyle habits, the world’s population would be in a much healthier state.

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But let’s be clear, we are not saying that prebiotics, probiotics, particular bacterias, yeasts, etc., are bad. Not at all. Some of them are really important in personalized treatment for addressing specific needs.

What we say here is that the priorities are upside down, to say the least.

To give you an example to illustrate our point, let’s say that you are finally deciding to do some well-needed renovation on your house.

You hire some professionals, and you start by…changing the color of the curtains and drapes to go better with the color of the sofa of the living room…

No need to say that the professional will say something like: “hmmm, okay, but what about choosing first how we gonna repair the roof leak, with what we gonna replace the broken parquet and what do you want to replace these dying tapestries?”

It’s precisely the same here!

There is no point in trying to do fine-tuning on your microbiota when you are actually destroying it 3-4 times per day.

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