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Healthy vegan recipes

There are as many recipes and ways of eating plant-based food as there are countries in the world.

Today, with books, websites and applications, it is really easy to find what you are looking for, whatever your taste and taste of your loved ones.

But in order to have a healthy vegan plant-based diet, you must be careful about the recipes you are following.

Indeed, vegan recipes are far from being automatically healthy. In reality, it’s quite the contrary!

With the ever-growing interest in vegan food and veganism in general, nowadays, the majority of the recipes are proposing to eat just as bad as it can be but without animal products.

This trend logically follows the junk vegan food market that skyrocketed.

The same big agri-food and pharmaceutical lobbies making billions with animal products are just as happy to sell you crap but vegan ones. Business is business like always.

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In general, when people adopt a junk vegan food diet, there are 2 possible outcomes.

The first option, they are disappointed because the vegan diet did not match their expectations that a real healthy diet could deliver.

These people often go back to eat animal products more or less reluctantly, and they are convinced that, as they have tried out the “vegan way,” vegan food is either a scam or not adapted to everyone.  

The second option, they are convinced that this is as healthy as possible, and they are proud to eat vegan junk food (even homemade!).

These people are shocked when we explain to them that they actually have an unhealthy diet going on.

Either way, people end up with an unhealthy diet, more crap in the head, and a lot of wasted time. 

Sadly this happens for many other diet trials (raw, low carbs, etc.).

One thing they all have in common: thinking that a healthy diet relies on one aspect. Making this aspect the KEY that opens the heaven gates of diet.

Gosh, if that were true, why bother studying? Why spending years understanding the human body?

It is like telling an architect: look man, why don’t you just put a beam there, and that’s it?

Of course, life herself does not work that way. Everything is complex and interconnected. Quality and lasting results require time and expertise.

And for having a healthy diet, it’s precisely the same. There is no magical rule.

Choosing vegan recipes compatible with a healthy vegan plant-based diet requires deep learning of what a healthy diet really is.

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