Worst food ingredients for the immune system

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s start by analyzing the concept of best and worst food for this or that.

Above all, food is an essential fuel to the body. With it, the body not only survives but thrives or degrades depending on the quality of the food.

If your diet is composed of junk food full of artificial, refined, degraded GMO foodstuffs, then your body will lack good nutrients and become sick over time.

If your diet is composed of healthy food full of whole, plant-based, organic foodstuffs, then your body will be full of good nutrients to help it thrive.

To take a simple comparison, it is like the fuel for your car. If you fill up your fuel tank with bad adulterated gasoline, it will damage the car. It’s the same thing for your body.

“Worst and best foods for” myth

Sure you have read many times statements like:

  • Best/worst foods for the immune system
  • Best/worst foods for the gut
  • Best/worst foods for the liver
  • Best/worst foods for the bones

But did you ever wonder why you don’t read statements like:

  • Best/worst foods for the sternum
  • Best/worst foods for the pericardium
  • Best/worst foods for the hypothalamus

Because it is more a marketing tool than a fact. Of course, it is true to say, for example, that nuts are rich in Omega 3 and other nutrients and therefore good for the brain, but so are many other healthy diet foods.

If you eat something unhealthy, it will be unhealthy for your whole body, and if you eat something healthy, it will be healthy for your whole body.

Worst food ingredients for immune system

Improve your health today

Adding/removing specific food vs. changing the diet

This is where the marketing tool comes into its own.

When listing all “the best foods for”, you will be tempted (and often encouraged) to add more of those to your current diet to improve your health condition.

For example, if you are constantly getting sick (weak immunity), you will try to add more of the “best foods for the immune system” into your diet to improve your immunity.

It is the same thing in reverse, when listing all “the worst foods for” you will be tempted (and often encouraged) to remove or limit those from your diet to improve your health condition.

For example, if you have arthritis, you will try to remove all the “worst foods for arthritis” from your diet to calm your arthritis.

But in both cases, you have been misled by a comforting statement that will not bear fruit, or at least not to the extent you hoped for.

Risks of having a bad diet

To come back to the title of this article, we can say that the worst foods for the immune system are those that are not part of a healthy diet.

Over time, those foods are going to have several negative impacts. Amongst them, here are some examples:

  • Depleted nutrient reserve
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Accelerated aging
  • Increased gut permeability
  • Increased stress
  • Unbalanced intestinal flora
  • Lowered immunity defenses
  • Damaged tissue because of toxic ingredients (white sugar, trans fat, etc.)

As you can see, food is key to so many aspects of health, therefore, having a bad diet is a very costly choice. Of course, those negative impacts appear over time, meaning that you won’t suffer from them after eating junk food once or twice.

Those will take months to appear, but the problem is once they do, it’s already late to avoid the damage they have generated.

In this scenario, adding or removing specific foods from an unhealthy diet because someone claims that they are good or bad for specific health conditions or parts of your body is a bad choice because you already suffer from the consequences of your unhealthy diet.

Implementing a healthy diet

When you are facing attractive statements like “5 essential foods to boost your immune system” or “10 worst foods for your liver” , always remember that food is, above all, fuel to your body. If you want to have a healthy body, you have to put the best fuel in it.

Therefore the key is to implement, as soon as possible, a healthy diet, and once you have done that, you can then explore the diversity that nature offers and decide what specific foodstuff you want to eat depending on your taste, the moment, the climate, the recipe you are following, and more.

A healthy diet will always give you greater results than picking specific food. Like nature, our body thrives better with diversity than specificity.

The challenges to having a strong immunity

Having a strong immune system is the number one health challenge today for two main reasons:

  • The overwhelming quantity and diversity of pollution sources
  • The worrying increase in strong human-modified pathogens

Environmental pollution

Most of us live in a toxic environment that is actively killing us. This problem is not new, our environment started to be polluted long ago, getting worse and worse every decade, but we can say that the last 10 years has been quite dramatic.

The development of megacities and, more specifically, smart cities brings an unprecedented amount of pollution sources for our bodies.

Humans, like any other animal, need, first and foremost, direct contact and connection with nature. Hyper-connected microwaved artificial concrete boxes commonly called “apartments” are unsuitable for thriving humans.

On top of that, humans, like any other animal, also need clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and healthy food to eat. This is part of our basic human needs.

Nevertheless, today, the air is heavily polluted, the water is dirty and contaminated with toxic substances, and the food is more than ever degraded, full of toxic chemicals and GMOs.

We are not even talking here about:

  • The thousands of chemical substances that industrial agriculture releases into our environment
  • The massive amount of heavy metals released into the atmosphere for climate engineering
  • The abundant source of endocrine disruptors that we can find in almost every product
  • The explosion of nanotechnology and the toxic nanoparticles that goes with it
  • The tremendous amount of GMOs with unpredictable consequences
  • Etc.

Strong human-modified pathogens

For that, we can thank mad scientists for spending their time playing god with things that they don’t control. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that pathogens are new. Since the beginning of time, every human has faced pathogens that can harm him. This is why we all have an immune system. It is the primary task of our immune system to protect us against pathogens.

The problem is that today, more than ever, we are facing strong pathogens that have been modified by humans. These pathogens are stronger, faster, and sneakier because they have some gain in functions that humans have implemented inside them, all officially for bioweapon research.

This creates bigger problems for our immune system, already overwhelmed by the increasing pollution.

Our recommendations

In this complex and complicated situation, the best anyone can do is improve everything within his control.

That starts with diet and lifestyle. Although we can’t control world pollution, we can definitely choose wisely what we put inside our bodies. Don’t forget that we eat multiple times every day, therefore the impact on our health we can have by changing our diet is huge.

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