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Signs of a strong immune system

Signs of a strong immune system can’t be listed, there are just too many. Therefore, a strong immune system is mostly the absence of weakened immune system signs.

Importance of strong immunity

The immune system is by far one of the most important and complex entities of our body. It’s tasks are very complex, and we can safely say that a large portion of the immune system’s functioning is still not understood by medicine today.

Nonetheless, we have sufficient knowledge to affirm that having strong immunity is of paramount importance for staying healthy.

For exemple, having a strong immunity is essential to protect our body against pathogenic germs like:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Fungi

Another exemple would be the function of the immune system to destroy unhealthy cells in our body. In that case, this function is vital to prevent developing degenerative diseases like cancer.

Symptoms of a compromised immune system

There is a big difference between a compromised immune system and a weakened immune system.

A compromised immune system is unable to carry out its tasks. This is a severe health situation where the patient’s life is constantly threatened. In general, those patients are hospitalized or at least have a close medical follow-up. For them, natural medicines can’t do much as the situation is already too serious.

Symptoms of a weak immune system

A weakened immune system, on the other hand, can carry out its tasks, but with difficulties and without optimal results. This is a common health issue that a large portion of the population has. Luckily, this is where natural medicines can do a lot.

They are many weak immune system symptoms, and they vary depending on each individual. Here are the most common ones:

  • Easily getting sick with flu, colds, sore throats, etc.
  • Low or no fever when sick
  • Longer recovery time than average
  • Difficulty in fully recovering from an infection
  • Sensibility to wind and cold
  • Low resistance to stress
  • Tendency to contract certain diseases like herpes
Strong Immune Sytem Holistic Natural Health Experts

Improve your health today

7 key habits and tips for a healthy immune system

Sorry to disappoint some with this appealing title, but there are no 5,7,10 or whatever number of habits, tips or tricks for a healthy immune system.

That’s a filthy lie that way too many people are using for marketing purposes. It is time that health starts to be considered a serious subject and stops being treated like the next consumer trend.

Do we hear something like “7 key tips for maintaining an assembly unit facility properly?” or “5 habits of a good aircraft mechanic?” No, of course not, because these are considered serious.

We would also not hear “10 tips for practicing a good abdominal surgery,” but for some awkward reason, the internet is filled with habits, tips, and tricks for a healthy immune system.

So let’s be honest here and say that the immune system is a very complex human entity, that it is linked to our overall health, and that almost anything can have a positive or negative impact on our immune system.

Therefore, to have a healthy immune system, you should start by aiming at being healthy, and that starts with adopting a healthy diet.

What are some of the best immune-boosting foods

This simply doesn’t exist. Sorry again for disappointing some of you that are looking for quick tips and tricks, the secret recipe to boost your immune system is a mirage, an illusion created for marketing purposes.

Same as for the above example, the internet is filled with “the best food for this or that.” The reality is that eating goji berries, açai, ginger, cinnamon, or maca without changing your diet to a healthy one will not make any significant difference apart from consuming new products.

This is why, when the trend is over, it changes to another product, and people constantly chase the “new superfood” or the “new secret recipe,” making them consume more and more.

Don’t get us wrong there, we are not saying that consuming goji berries, açai, etc. is bad, on the contrary, these are good products filled with important nutrients (provided that the quality is good).

But thinking that eating those in addition to an average diet will boost your immune system is a mistake that can either lead to disappointment or a false sense of confidence that you are taking good care of your immune system.

Adopting a healthy diet

Adopting a healthy diet is the most important thing you can do to improve your health yourself.

A healthy diet is not about removing some foods and adding others or eating fewer calories and more fibers, it is about understanding what the human specie is made to eat and how.

If you want to know more about a healthy diet go check out our articles on the topic or directly subscribe now to access our Ebook: Healthy food: Your Fundamental Right.

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