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How does healthy eating help avoid illness?

Simply put, because it is giving the proper nutrition that our body needs. By doing that, it allows him to thrive and develop optimally.

This is the beauty of mother nature’s laws. Our body, like all the other species, is made to naturally tend towards healthiness.

We are made to be healthy, not sick. We are becoming ill because we fail to provide our body with what it needs to stay healthy and because we keep damaging it, intentionally and unintentionally.

From all the things our body needs to stay healthy, food is part of the most fundamental ones.

Healthy eating is genuinely important to maintain health, regardless of age, sex, lifestyle, or physical condition.

In case of illnesses, healthy eating is mandatory to cure and recover health sustainably.

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We can resume the importance of healthy food for our health like this :

“Healthy food alone cannot cure all health problems but no health problem can be solved sustainably without healthy food.”

Nonetheless, we often see people making poor choices on food to save some money, time, or simply to not bother too much about eating healthy.

Well, with all our experience working with patients suffering from various disorders and illnesses ranging from mild to very severe, we can assure you that it is always the wrong choice to make.

It is not a lie to say that currently, for most people on the planet, adopting a healthy diet is more costly and demanding than simply eating the industrial junk food available everywhere.

It should be the other way around. Junk industrial food should be complicated to find and healthy food abundant in every food store, shop, market…but sadly, it is not yet.

Today, humans are like so many wild animals that have seen their natural environment destroyed. It is everyday work to find good quality food but not doing it has dramatic consequences in the middle and long term.

Of course, these consequences are not visible over days. This is precisely why so many people are eating wrong even if they know it.

They think that it’s okay for some time or like once-twice a week. Insidiously, days become months, months become years, once a week becomes once a day….and one day or another, illnesses start to show up.

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