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The role of fasting in a healthy lifestyle

Fasting consists of a total cessation of food, with or without the consumption of water.

However, today the term “fasting” encompasses a much broader approach, including different degrees of dietary restrictions. This is why there are many different types of fasting nowadays.

But fasting is not a fashion trend of today’s world. It is undoubtedly as ancient as human origins.

As far back as human societies are recorded, it is known that people have fasted of their own free will or have been forced to do so by the lack of food.

Furthermore, all religions are practicing fasting in one way or another.

Throughout civilizations, the idea of fasting is a way to clean and purify oneself.

Logically, the two main health indications for fasting are weight loss and detoxification.

In general, fasting benefits include:

  • Promoting cellular and organic processes of cleansing and renewal
  • Promotes restful sleep and increases the secretion of growth hormones
  • Decreasing or even eliminating chronic pain
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Etc…

But even if these benefits are appealing, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that again, like everything, fasting is not a solution to every health problem.

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It is not the one key. It is not a miracle solution to apply to everyone every time. This simply doesn’t exist and trust us, we would be the first to tell you if it did.

Fasting can be good, yes, but for some, it will not be appropriate.

Common contraindications are:

  • Weak and thin people
  • People in convalescence
  • People with eating disorders like anorexia bulimia
  • Specific life phases requiring regular caloric intake: growth phase, pregnancy, breastfeeding or old age

And even if someone considers fasting and is not concerned with the above contraindications, they should know two important things before starting to fast.

Firstly, fasting should always be considered if accompanied by a transition to a healthy diet (if a healthy diet is not already in place). If not, the benefits and results of the fasting will be quickly lost.

Secondly, if fasting is done for a health purpose, it will give the best results if organized by a holistic health expert who will choose the right moment, the correct type of fasting, and the right natural treatments to assist it.

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