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What are the problems with industrial agriculture?

There are so many problems with industrial agriculture that it’s difficult to know where to start.

We can start by saying that it is against nature’s laws, and this reason only should be enough to stop that madness immediately.

In today’s world, as so many things are wrong, we spend way too much time explaining the problems of this or that madness instead of just not doing it in the first place.

Industrial agriculture is an excellent example of that. Anyone with logic and common sense knows that it is fundamentally wrong.

How can we even consider poisoning the soil to produce food? Or anything else for that matter?

But we did it anyway…and here we are.

Less than 70 years ago, industrial agriculture started, and since then, it has generated a cascade of harmful effects for our ecosystem.

Among those terrible effects, we can mention those big five:

  • Destroy life (forests, jungles, animals, biodiversity)
  • Poison us and the environment with chemical molecules
  • Ruin the fertility of our soils
  • Steal and deprive the legitimate inhabitants of their beautiful lands
  • Impoverish and enslave the world population starting with farmers
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Destroy life (forests, jungles, animals, biodiversity)

The first priority of industrial agriculture is to create big monoculture land parcels. This is the way of big agricultural corporations to exploit the land.

To do that, they first need to wipe out thousands of millions of hectares of land. As the goal is to seek the quickest results at lower costs, they don’t bother the slightest.

They kill at will, slaughtering all on their path by cutting and burning down everything.

As industrial agriculture is based on artificially growing things with the help of chemical molecules, they first need to kill the land before they can poison it.

In practice, this means the extinction of wildlife, the disappearance of ancestral forest and jungles, the depleting biodiversity, all that more or less definitely has those take hundreds of years to grow.

Poison us and the environment with chemical molecules

This is the direct consequence of poisoning something that is interconnected with everything else.

Our planet is round and limited. Polluting there will eventually pollute here no matter what we do.

Scientifically speaking, those poison chemicals are sprayed in massive quantities on land.

Those molecules enter the soil, contaminate groundwater, evaporate in the air, pollute the atmosphere, washed with rain, and disseminate in rivers, streams, and seas.

The contaminated food grown on the land is either to feed livestock or humans directly, making no significant difference in pollution.

But when we talk about poisoning the environment, we are not talking about a few chemical molecules used here and there.

As the agro-pharma lobbies hide this pollution the best they can, many people do not realize what it really means.

In reality, we are talking about several thousands of different chemical molecules dumped on agricultural lands at an average rate of 5 million tons per year, contaminating absolutely everything on the planet!

Agro-pharma is getting rich by the billions, flooding the agricultural market with these patented molecules that dramatically affect our health, biodiversity, and soil life.

This madness continues, and despite all common sense, new molecules of extreme danger are created and used, such as SDHI (succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors).

“SDHI fungicides are used to kill fungi and molds on crops and seeds. These molecules block succinate dehydrogenase (SDH), an enzyme in the mitochondria, components of cells. When this enzyme is inhibited, the cellular respiration process is interrupted and the fungal cells die. From bacteria to mammals, this SDH enzyme is present in the cells of all living things.”

In humans, a blockage of succinate dehydrogenase is known to lead to serious diseases, such as:

  • neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS)
  • cardiomyopathies
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • etc.

This is only one example out of hundreds. The toxicity of these chemical molecules has been known for decades (especially with the big scandal of pesticides causing cancers), and no one can still honestly believe that they are harmless.

Just remember that when someone is spraying chemicals on industrial agriculture lands, they wear hazmat suits! Does that seem normal to you?

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Ruin the fertility of our soils

As we said before, it is essential to understand that industrial agriculture is based on artificially growing food. For that to happen, you need to kill the soil first.

But when you kill the soil, you also make the production totally dependent on the chemical products. 

And guess what, over the years, an inevitable phenomenon occurs: the production requires more chemicals to maintain the same output!

This is why industrial agriculture lands are all doomed to the same fate: to be abandoned one day or another.

Either because the return of investment is too low or because the land is so devastated that even chemicals are not working anymore, the result is rubbish abandoned land.

Of course, for those who care about nature, those lands are almost impossible to repair. Even with the best methods possible, it takes decades to turn them back into something acceptable with immense time and effort.

Steal and deprive the legitimate inhabitants of their beautiful lands

It is no secret that to acquire 80 % of the current world agricultural land, the agri-food companies have more blood in their hands than anyone can imagine.

In some cases, they just buy out everything as they have an almost unlimited budget compared to the individual landowners.

In other cases, they use their money to corrupt local officials and governments, to bribe influential families, or simply to hire mercenaries to wipe out anyone that stands in their way.

With that amount of power and influence, they are above any laws and do as they wish.

For the bravest of us who fight these criminals on the ground every day, the battle is really hard, and many of them are falling every year…

Still, their immense sacrifice is not in vain. Many scandals on agri-food lobbies have exploded into the open, and there are more and more people aware looking to boycott those companies and do differently, thanks to them.

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Impoverish and enslave the world population starting with farmers

When industrial agriculture started 70 years ago approximately, the big companies’ first goal was convincing farmers to buy their “new amazing products to increase and simplify the production.”

Many of them did not realize at that time what trap they were walking into. Of course, in the beginning, the story looked fabulous: no more pest or crop problems, no more uncertainties on the varieties to plant, no more manual work to remove weeds, etc.

No more all of this with these products they were told…what a monstrous lie.

Decades later, when the reality caught up with them, good portions of farmers simply quit or suicide, and the ones standing have had time to watch the most precious things they had to turn into ashes.

For those who did not buy the fairy tale initially, many were bankrupted because of the unfair price competition.

And for the few farmers that have been able to survive, bypassing the supermarkets, selling from the farm to consumers directly, they are constantly harassed by laws, labels, paperwork, and all you can possibly imagine for making them stop. 

In the meantime, at the other end of the chain, consumers have been slowly but surely addicted to industrial food production.

Today we see that real healthy food is hard to find and expensive while the junk food coming straight from industrial agriculture is cheap and accessible everywhere in abundance.

This naturally forces most humans to eat unhealthy poisoned food, either because they can’t afford to buy quality food or because it is simply too complicated to find it.

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