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How to recover after practicing intensive sport?

Sport Recovery Holistic Natural Health Experts Greenliving holistichealing holisticnutrition

Most people think that it’s during physical effort that we are gaining physical strength. Actually, it’s not the case, it’s during the recovery period, following the physical effort, that the magic happens.

How to avoid sports injuries?

Injuries Holistic Natural Health Experts holisticlifestyle greenliving holisticwellness

Injuries are part of the game, some sportspeople are rarely injured while others frequently. Here’s a guide on how to avoid sports injuries.

How bad are artificial sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners Holistic Natural Health Experts Holisticnutrition Organic Sustainability Greenliving

Artificial sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes or non-nutritive sweeteners, are substances used to provide a sweet taste to food and beverages without adding significant calories or affecting blood sugar levels.

The best way to clean and purify drinking water

Water Drop Holistic Natural Health Experts Holistichealthcoach Regenerativemedicine

We should not have to clean and purify drinking water, and there is a reason why. The tap water delivered to our kitchen faucet, although considered “potable” is still polluted by hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, etc.

Healthy Drinks – A Holistic Overview

Healthy beverages Holistic Natural Health Experts Sustainability Greenliving Holistichealth

Before healthy beverages, it is capital to get the fundamentals of healthy hydration right.
Healthy hydration means drinking pure and unpolluted water either from a natural pure source or through an efficient filtration system.

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