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Does soft mobility is enough
physical exercise?

In general, not at all.

Sadly, a lot of marketing has been done to promote that soft mobility is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for doing physical activity and therefore improves body health.

In reality, not only can we seriously question the environmental benefit of such thing compared to the massive and unpunished pollution done by multinationals, but it also doesn’t come close to enough to meet our physical activity needs.

Of course, the exception would be someone doing 2 hours of biking uphill to work (and not cheating with an electric bike) or 1-hour run to work.

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Today, most people using soft mobility to move around are now equipped with electric bikes, scooters, or skates and are almost effortlessly going from point A to B.

There is nothing bad about that, on the contrary, it’s good that soft mobility is providing comfort for people to focus on their security, rather than being absorbed by physical exercise.

We just have to admit that multitasking sucks and that doing sport is not, in most cases, compatible with commuting to work or going from one appointment to another.

Nonetheless, soft mobility is a great way to bring some movement into your daily routine, and that’s a good thing.

As you may know, movement is life!

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