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Holistic Weight Loss – A Comprehensive Guide


Today, people can access a wide range of weight loss programs, solutions, tips, and tricks of all kinds over the internet.
Whether it is because of aesthetic reasons, comfort, self-esteem, medical needs, or else, a lot of people are trying to lose weight.

Is Yoga Good for Mobility? All You Need to Know

Yoga for mobility

Nowadays, almost nobody can honestly say that they never heard about yoga. Yet, a couple of decades ago, yoga was still quite unknown to most Westerners, mostly practiced in India and other Asiatique countries.

Is yoga good for weight loss?

Yoga for weight loss

If you are suffering from excessive weight, yoga can be a good starter point to prepare your body weight loss but there is more to it.

How to recover after practicing intensive sport?

Sport Recovery Holistic Natural Health Experts Greenliving holistichealing holisticnutrition

Most people think that it’s during physical effort that we are gaining physical strength. Actually, it’s not the case, it’s during the recovery period, following the physical effort, that the magic happens.

How to avoid sports injuries?

Injuries Holistic Natural Health Experts holisticlifestyle greenliving holisticwellness

Injuries are part of the game, some sportspeople are rarely injured while others frequently. Here’s a guide on how to avoid sports injuries.

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