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How do agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies harm health?

Agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies are harming the planet in every way possible.

Therefore, as we live on this planet and are part of it, they automatically harm our health and the health of every living creature on earth.

Throughout all the ways the agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies use to damage our health, we can take the example of one of their deadliest weapons: industrial agriculture.

Industrial agriculture would never have been possible if the agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies had not invested billions to develop it and had not corrupted the governments into supporting and financing it.

However, these lobbies only invested these sums because they knew they could make huge profits. Such sums are hardly conceivable for most of us but are commonplace for these multinationals that hold the vast majority of the world’s wealth.

In order to better understand what we are dealing with, let’s take a closer look at who these agribusiness lobbies are, what their goals are, and methods to achieve them.

These agribusiness lobbies are composed of:

  • Federations of privately funded producers and breeders
  • Multinational food and pharmaceutical companies
  • The medical system educated at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry

Corrupt or intensively lobbied political parties

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Their goals:

  • To preserve industrial agriculture based on:
    1. subsidization (our taxes)
    2. the use of pesticides and fertilizers leading to soil poisoning, waste of land, water, and energy.
    3. maximum profit
  • Keeping farmers dependent on pharmaceutical companies.
  • Making people believe that natural food is less good than industrial food.
  • Convince the public of their inability to eat healthily without resorting to processed products
  • To give the illusion of having freed us from the “food chore” in favor of an easier life dedicated to leisure.
  • To deprive the public of its food autonomy
  • Maintain social poverty that makes it difficult for a poor worker to have access to healthy food.
  • Prevent any revolt of the poor and the middle class by affirming that having industrial food is not dangerous for health
  • Make the consumer addicted to their products
  • To escape the only logical conclusion of the food scandals (so numerous!), which would like to see any substance presenting a health risk banned.
  • To oblige the authorities to define minimum “acceptable” quantities of chemical molecules based on data from studies of their dangerousness provided by the manufacturers themselves!

Their methods:

Since the huge scandal of the tobacco industry, it has become clear that the same methods are still applied with some success by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

It is important to understand that in reality, behind these big companies, it is the same people who produce tobacco, drugs, GMOs, “phytosanitary” products, etc. It is, therefore, logical to find the same strategies applied everywhere.

This strategy is composed of three steps that you will systematically find:

  • Claiming personal choice
  • Establish doubt
  • Lying and censoring

We can summarize it like this:

Agribusiness and pharmaceutical lobbies are harming health the same way they are making money: by lying, manipulating, corrupting, blackmailing, cheating, and censoring.

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