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Healthy eating and lifestyle

Although eating healthy is essential, it makes more sense when included in a healthy lifestyle.

Our health relies on five major pillars:

  • breathing and movement
  • Nutrition (water and food)
  • Sleep
  • preservation of our environment
  • social, family, professional, and spiritual development

We can see that nutrition is one of the five pillars of health. It is essential to our health and the health of the global population.

What we eat have extended repercussion on our daily life as well as society in general. It will indirectly impact what the farmer produces, what the supermarket is made of, what the restaurants will prepare, etc. 

Adopting a healthy diet is often related to understanding more about what is really beneficial for our body.

Thus, eating healthy while doing no exercise, smoking, partying all night, and taking almost no sleep, doesn’t make much sense.

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Indeed, fulfilling those 5 pillars is immensely challenging these days, especially for preserving our environment and the social, familial, professional, and spiritual development.

The quest for optimal health is not aiming at the same ideal life. All of us are different, and we don’t have the same passion for the same things, and it’s perfect like that.

Far from us the idea to give you a model to follow. Every human has health needs that he has to address. The practical way to do that is for each individual to find out.

For some, fulfillment will come by living a minimalistic and straightforward life, for others, it will be the opposite.

Also, it is pretty rare to find a human desiring the same lifestyle all his life. We are living creatures, evolving all the time, adapting and transforming.

In our experience, what is worth trying to apply has a guide to our lifestyles is the constant research of coherence in everything we do.

Being true to our values and virtues, respecting our body and caring for it, eating what we are made to eat, caring for the nature that allows us to live is, in our opinion, part of the same quest for living a coherent life.

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