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Why is refined and processed
food bad for you?

For millennia, humans have eaten unrefined foods with little to no processing.

Processing was mainly used to preserve the food or to consume inedible foods in their natural form.

The most common transformations were cooking, drying, salting, fermenting, and sprouting.

Except for cooking at high temperatures, these transformations were all limited in their possible negative impact on the food, and even beneficial for fermentation and germination.

However, with the emergence of chemicals, the concept of food refining was introduced and the processing methods became considerably more complex.

As a result, today, food undergoes extremely damaging processes of refining and processing.

Refining and processing methods of today as nothing to do we what was done just a couple of decades ago.

The process became so intensive that in the end, the food is no more food for us.

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It has become something toxic, engineered, transformed, denaturalized, degraded.

The effects of refined foods on our body are complex and numerous, for example:

  • A loss of nutrients that are otherwise naturally present in the food we eat. This is why processed cereals are white instead of brown, for example.
  • A loss of dietary fiber that is essential for good health. Many people eating refined and processed food, even on a vegan diet, have problems with their digestive tracks because of that.
  • An imbalance in the intestinal flora and the appearance of pathogenic bacteria. Indeed our flora is reactive to what we eat. When we ingest toxic substances, it disturbs it.

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