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Why is it important to eat a plant based diet?

Interesting question, we could give hundreds of reasons to justify eating a plant-based diet.

But ultimately, it is more than enough to pick these 3 main reasons.

We are made for it

Yes, it is as simple as that: we are made to eat plant-based foods!

We are, as humans, hominid primates. The diet that suits us anatomically and physiologically is a plant-based one.

This is scientifically proven by comparative anatomy, which defines the food adapted to its digestive system according to its anatomy, physiology, enzymes, and metabolism for each animal species.

But wait for a second…Are they humans not eating a plant-based diet on earth? Yes, of course, they are millions!

Does that mean that there are different “species” of humans who eat other diets? Absolutely not.

This is where things are getting interesting.

Although we are meant to eat a plant-based diet, we can behave as opportunistic omnivores.

This means that we can survive in all climates and regions of the world, with just about any type of food.

Mother nature gave us an incredible gift of adaptation. This doesn’t solely apply to our food diet, but in everything we do.

Ok, but if we can adapt to about anything, should we consider anything good for us? No, it’s quite the contrary.


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Because our incredible adaptation gift comes at a cost. Indeed, the primary objective of our organism is to survive, and he will achieve it at whatever costs, starting with damaging our health.

This is where a lot of people are getting it wrong. Do not mistake yourself with what we can adapt to and what is really made for us.

There is a big difference between surviving and thriving, nourishing your body-mind-soul, and just staying alive.

But if we listen and pay attention closely, and most importantly, if we experience it, there is no way we can make that mistake again.

Yes, we can SURVIVE by eating whatever we can find, but we will suffer the inevitable short, medium, and long-term consequences on our health.

But let’s face it, what’s the point of surviving when we can actually thrive?

It is the right thing to do

We know it sounds a little bit bossy, but hey, it is simply true.

A lot will argue that thousands of years ago, there when men in caves hunting to survive…. Yeah, well, at that time, they were also gatherers….

Let’s not try to figure out what the hell humans were doing when we can’t even figure out today where the world of humans is going.

We can simply look at the fact. We lost most of the biodiversity on earth, species of all kinds have gone extinct, natural disasters are only growing in strength and numbers.

Nobody can argue on that, but still, most humans continue to live and behave the way that made all that happen.

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Don’t you think it is high time to shift to more sustainable living, starting with eating what was offered free by mother nature?

A seed can grow into a tree. That tree can give hundreds of fruits to feed a lot of species. These fruits can provide thousands of seeds, and the cycle continues. Gosh, is it possible to do any better than that? It is an incredibly precious gift!

Eating things that grow from the ground is accepting the gift that nature provides abundantly to all of us.

If we would just stop destroying millions of hectares of forest to grow GMO’s and livestock, we could actually let nature do her magic and feed ourselves from what has always been a model of resilience and sustainability: forests and jungles.

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