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What is the importance of dietary fiber?

Fibers, surely something that everyone heard about it.

Not the fibers textile of your tee-shirt, no, the fibers inside your food.

For some, the idea is that you have to eat enough fiber to be healthy (which is true), but so inaccurate.

For others, eating fibers equals going to the toilet and avoiding chronic constipation (which can also be true), but again inaccurate.

The consequences of those inaccurate statements are that many people are complementing their food with added fibers or buying products that are artificially enriched with added dietary fibers.

The most common artificially added dietary fiber is brand wheat.

But did you ever ask yourself why there is suddenly a need to complement your food with fibers?


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In reality, the problem does not come from fibers themselves, but the totally unhealthy diet dramatically lacks the fibers we need. Why?

Because fibers are exclusively coming from plants! There are none in animal products.

Thus, people eating a lot of animal products such as dairies, fish, eggs, meat, seafood, etc.… are lacking fibers in their diet.

The only reasonable answer to that problem is to CHANGE the diet.

But because financial interests are too high to publicly advocate that, people are proposed instead to add fibers to their diet as you would add softener to your laundry.

The problem is that these artificially added fibers are not good for us. They do not have the properties of real naturally contained fibers in plant-based food.

Worse, they can be irritating for our intestines like, for example, bran wheat added in a diet composed of refined products.

This is why changing to a healthy plant-based diet is the only real solution for a lasting result.

The fibers contained naturally in a healthy plant-based diet are naturally dosed correctly to match our needs, and they deliver us incredible health benefits such as:

  • absorbing toxins, endocrine disruptors, and heavy metals that can contaminate our environment
  • stimulating chewing, secretion of digestive juices and enzymes
  • generating a feeling of satiety that regulates our appetite
  • slowing down the passage of sugar in the blood
  • eliminating bile salts and thus reducing the risk of gallstones
  • and many more…

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