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Can you be healthy eating just fruits and vegetables?

This is quite a tricky one!

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, however, more complex.

Fruits and vegetables (only organic of course!) represent 70 % of the human food pyramid.

It’s reasonable to say that if we already eat 70 % of what we need, we can be healthy already.

But here is the problem: the human body does not abide by the rules of mathematics. Life itself does not.

Living entities are much more complex creatures, and the rule of numbers is not relevant to understand the complex intricacies and interaction between us and our environment.

Being healthy is a body, mental, emotional, and soul state of harmony. It requires hard work to be as close as possible to this.

To come back to our food question, legumes, cereals, grains, seeds, seaweed, sprouted seeds, oilseeds, rhizomes, oils, vinegar, salt, spices are also part of a healthy diet.

To deprive yourself of this would be a shame in our opinion as this is what mother nature offered us the possibility to eat too.


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But just because we can enjoy that variety of food does not mean that we are obliged to eat all that, at least not every day.

A healthy diet is undoubtedly not a composed plate with calculated portions of each type of food we need, as an application of a mathematic formula to achieve the best results.

It is not a calendar to follow like a training plan. This would be a totally unnatural thing to do and a significant waste of time.

On the other hand, if we don’t like a type of food, why force ourselves to eat it because it’s good for us? That does not make sense too.

Nonetheless, our human body is made at the image of nature: a complex ecosystem that thrives and becomes more resilient with diversity.

In our experience, when people discover the riches of tastes and pleasures they can have with a healthy vegan diet, they tend to add instead of removing healthy foods from their diet.

Don’t we all love to discover more when it’s great?

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