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How is conventional medicine unnatural?

Nowadays, what doctors are practicing, commonly called “medicine, conventional medicine, modern medicine, western medicine”, is, in reality, a new and undeveloped practice compared to the medicine of old. 

Before that, as far as humanity can remember, medicine has always been natural. Therefore it was simply called medicine.

Less than 2 centuries ago, something new emerged and evolved over the decades to what we refer to today as “conventional medicine.” 

Therefore, to understand how it is unnatural, it is first important to know how it emerged.

The Conventional Medicine Empire

The most notable aspect of the rise of the conventional medicine empire is that it took power over everything else that was also medicine. In less than a century, conventional medicine became the only reference of what medicine is and should be. 

All the medicines that existed for thousands of years became “unconventional” therapies and, therefore, illegal and dangerous. 

Doctors who were practicing those unconventional therapies suddenly lost recognition from their peers, were banished from medical society, and prohibited from practicing their work. Once called “doctors”, they became “sorcerers and charlatans”. 

Most of those who resisted paid a heavy price, persecuted and hunted down by “conventional medicine and its doctors” who took power over the entire practice of medicine. 

At that time, the other medicines were forced to call themselves “natural, traditional, sacred, ancient” medicine to distinguish themselves from conventional medicine. 

Practiced illegally in secret, most of those medicines of old were lost, but some of them endured thanks to the incredible courage and dedication of brave men and women who risked and sacrificed their lives. 

Thanks to them, we got the privilege to learn and practice what is left of those medicines. 

But this renaming of other medicines into natural medicine came with a heavy price. Once conventional medicine was well established and fully in control of medicine, these natural medicines were relegated to a home practice, a wellness thing with grandmother’s remedies, barely tolerated, more or less legal depending on the country. 

This is why even today, someone practicing natural medicines can’t be called a “doctor” but a therapist or practitioner.

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Unnatural aspects of conventional medicine

Although we can keep the denomination of natural medicine for other medicines, it is high time that conventional medicine be renamed unnatural medicine. 

There is nothing “conventional” in conventional medicine, however, conventional medicine is fundamentally unnatural. How? In various ways. 

Established by force and not consensus

As we mentioned earlier, when unnatural medicine emerged, it took over other medicines by force, imposing itself as the only true medicine. This goes against the rules of nature that always teach coexistence and cooperation. 

Unlike other natural medicine that always included and valued various practices, unnatural medicine imposed its view on what medicine is and declared war on the ones who opposed it. 

Based on the use of synthetic drugs 

The core of unnatural medicine is the use of synthetic drugs, produced by humans in laboratories. As the name says, these drugs are synthetic, artificial, and man-made. 

Most of those drugs are originally isolated and extracted from natural remedies like plants, but they are then denaturized in order to be patented and massively produced. 

This process allows the pharmaceutical industry to make billions of dollars of profits but creates a huge problem as by doing so, all synthetic drugs have side effects, unlike natural remedies. 

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Aiming at symptoms and not causes

This naturally follows the use of synthetic drugs. As synthetic drugs are isolated compounds with side effects, their use is for suppressing a symptom, not for treating the causes of a disease. 

This is why unnatural medicine has anti-inflammatories for inflammation, painkillers for pain, anti-depressive for depression, anti-hypertension for hypertension, etc.

On the other hand, natural medicines only use natural remedies and solutions. They naturally don’t have side-effect and their primary goal is to treat the causes of a disease and not its symptoms.

Based on standardized protocols, not personalized care

Amongst the many striking beauties of nature, the uniqueness of each element composing it is definitely one of the most important. 

For natural medicines, each patient is unique and it is, first of all, a human suffering from different health issues. This means that different persons suffering from the same health issues will not receive the same treatment as they are all different and have different needs. 

On the contrary, for unnatural medicine, the patient is diagnosed with a condition and the treatment is aimed primarily at the condition regardless of the patient. This means that different people suffering from the same condition will receive more or less the same treatment.

Although standardized care is very useful for emergency situation and basic care, it is not optimal for long-term health care. 

What about holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine, more appropriately called “holistic health care,” is simply the use of all relevant solutions to treat and improve the health of a person. 

Fundamentally based on natural medicines, it also uses unnatural medicine when needed.

Focused on treating the whole person and apprehending human health as a part of something bigger, holistic health does not limit itself to one medicine or practice.

Today, with the growing health need and the complexification of health issues, holistic health is more than ever needed for giving the best-personalized solutions to each patient. 

Yet, if you are looking for holistic health care, it is of crucial importance to find real holistic health experts who have the required skills to deliver good and efficient holistic health care. 

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