How is conventional medicine unnatural?

Nowadays, what we call medicine and what official doctors are practicing is, in reality, something very new and undeveloped compared to the medicine of olds.


We can say that medicine has always been natural for thousands of years as far as humanity can remember. Therefore, it was simply called medicine.


But less than 2 century ago, something new emerged, what we call now the “conventional” medicine.

The problem is that this medicine took power over everything else that was also medicine. In a couple of decades only, this conventional medicine became the reference, and all the medicine that existed for thousands of years became “unconventional” therapies practice by non-doctor.


At that time, the other medicines were forced to call themselves “natural” medicine to distinguish themselves from conventional medicine. 


But this renaming came with a heavy price. While conventional medicine got all the credit and power on medicine, natural medicines were relegated to a home practice, a wellness thing with grandmother’s remedies.

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All the doctors in natural medicines became illegal practitioners of medicine if they dared to say they were doctors practicing medicine like they always did.

We then became “therapist,” “practitioner,” “coach,” but none of these titles are appropriate.


It is high time to set things straight and call things has they are.


If we can keep the denomination “natural” for natural medicine, we can’t say the same thing for conventional medicine.


Indeed conventional medicine has nothing conventional. As we keep the term natural medicine, the best way to rename today’s conventional medicine is unnatural medicine. 


Here are the main reasons why:

  • The majority of this medicine was established by force and not consensus
  • Many parts of it go against what we were conventionally doing before
  • It is a medicine based on the use of synthetic drugs, all having side effects
  • It is a medicine based on the suppression of symptoms and not the treatment of the causes.

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