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Using natural medicine to treat illness?

When using natural medicine, it is essential to know what you can expect from it.

Contrary to unnatural (conventional) medicine, what you will get will depend totally on which natural therapies you choose and who you see.

Unfortunately or not, there is no standard in natural medicine. The very best, the average, and the worst of the worst are all mixed together.

As if it wasn’t hard enough, it is tough for the layman to recognize high-quality therapists. Like for everything, we can’t all be expert in all the area of expertise.

But in terms of health, an extra level of difficulty is at play. People have delegated their health in the doctors’ hands and official medicine for a very long time now. 

Therefore, they often don’t know a single thing about health, even the fundamental things to know.

This is hugely problematic as it allows anyone in the field of health to say anything to their patients, including tons of rubbish.

We stopped counting how many patients came to see us reluctantly because of a previous bad experience in the natural medicine field. This is a shame because it discredits the whole profession.

Health is a serious subject that does not support amateurism, it needs real professionals and experts to handle it.

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Improve your health today

Illness can be acute or chronic, light or severe, life-or-death situation or just some mild discomfort.

In any case, health is precious as we have only one body for the whole life.

Any real experts in natural medicine will follow these rules:

  • understanding the health of humans and animals in the balance of living things, never as an isolated problem
  • do not go against the laws of nature but with them
  • respect the principle: first, do no harm
  • do not own plants or any living organism
  • use with kindness the healing tools that nature provides us with
  • do not use any toxic substance harmful to living beings and nature
  • always take into account the patient’s interests in the short, medium, and long term
  • always respect the patient’s wishes

If resorting to real experts in natural medicine, it is totally possible to treat illnesses with natural medicine.

Of course, the result will largely depend on which type and which stage of illness and the available tools the therapist has in hand.

But in any case, natural medicine can always bring help and support to the patient, even in severe conditions and treatments, without ever causing him side effects.

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