Natural medicine alternatives to sleeping pills

It is no secret that sleeping problems are widespread in the population nowadays.

Many things can trouble our capacity to sleep: difficulty to fall asleep, sleepwalking, snoring, mental turmoil, restless legs, heavy sweating, heartburn, heart palpitations, etc.

Without even talking about the environmental pollution (noise, light, air pollution) that can be challenging to overcome.

Whether it is a loss of quality or/and quantity, sleeping problems quickly become problematic for everyday life.

Our body doesn’t cope well with a lack of quality sleep. Sleep is the moment for our body to relax and repair. It is crucial to our lasting health.

When people start to have sleeping problems, they usually don’t take long to see a doctor.

This is when, inevitably, the doctor prescribes them sleeping pills.

But there are three significant problems with sleeping pills:

  1. They do not address the different causes of the sleeping problem
  2. They do not give you quality sleep
  3. They have strong side effects

The second point is very problematic because people taking sleeping pills regularly experience what we like to call the zombie effect.

The zombie effect is that even though they sleep, they don’t get the benefit of it. This makes them wake up as tired as when they went to sleep the night before.

This is not even mentioning patients who don’t sleep unless taking more and more sleeping pills.

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The reason is that sleeping pills are heavy drugs that are used to shoot the brain, bringing you in an altered state of consciousness.  


But this altered state of consciousness has nothing to do with actual good sleep with the different physiological sleep phases we need. It is like comparing a coma to a good nap.


In this case, natural medicine can definitely be an alternative to sleeping pills.


Thus, the expert in natural medicine will need to correctly diagnose all the sleeping problems’ causes and give the appropriate treatment.

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