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Is kibble good for my dog?

Let’s be honest here: dogs are not meant to eat kibble, even vegetable kibble made from healthy foods.  

The kibbles were designed not for the dog’s benefit but the owners’ benefit!

Indeed, kibbles do not require refrigeration or cooking. They are transportable and administer at will. They take little space and conserve themselves significantly, and they can be used as rewards for dog training.

In resume, they are just great and practical for dog owners, especially in these modern times where most dog owners already have little to no time preparing their meals and even less for their dog’s meal.

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If you have the time, we advise you to avoid kibbles and prepare authentic meals for your dog as you would do for yourself. It will always be better.

If you do have to use kibbles, choose only vegan ones!

Industrial-regular kibbles and cans are packed with the worst meat waste you can possibly imagine.

Among these disgusting ingredients, you can find: beaks, feathers, paws, poultry excrement or hoofs, skins, urine, mammary glands, tumors, feces, and rotten meat!

In addition to these revolting “foodstuffs”, many scandals demonstrate other substances’ addition by the manufacturers like “melamine,” a dangerous carcinogenic substance coming from plastic used fraudulently to increase the crude protein level.

And don’t forget, on top of all that, that these industrial disgusting kibbles and cans are not cheap!

Vegan kibbles composition

Compare and look carefully at the labels. The quality of vegan kibbles varies significantly from one manufacturer to another.

Some contain far too many cereals, sugars, fats, and legumes, and too few vegetables. Read the labels carefully, as the components are described in descending order of quantity.

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Also, regardless of the composition, we advise you to test different brands before finding the one that’s best suits your dog.

It’s not just a question of the quality of the ingredients, it’s also a question of the digestive suitability of the ingredients for your dog’s body.

And remember: even if you do use kibbles, it can only be for a portion of your dog’s food!

It is crucial to preserve some of the raw food in your dog’s diet, which is necessary to maintain his intestinal flora and the natural supply of phytonutrients and vitamins, especially those destroyed by cooking.

To learn more about how to help your dog thrive on a vegan diet, including precise recipe and ingredients for various sizes of dog, please visit our free library full of topics like these and covering a wide range of topics written by Holistic Natural Health Experts.

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