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What are the best foods for the immune system?

There are no best foods for the immune system. Same as there are no best foods for our skin, our lungs, or our kidneys.

It is a common misconception of our body functioning to think that some foods are best suited for a specific part of our body.

In reality, it has much more to do with adopting healthy food or, even better, an optimal healthy food rich in healthy and high nutrient density foods.

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Healthy food is whole food, organic, vegan/plant-based diet, and not just some specific food added to regular meals.

This healthy food brings us the best proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to fuel our immune system as well as our entire body.

Compared to healthy food, aiming to add specific foods to boost the immune system is pointless.

In reality, our immune system, as our entire organism, will be affected by our overall diet.

Rather this diet brings good nutrients or brings pollution and aggression to our organism is up to us.

But if we can’t say that our immune system’s best foods exist, we can undoubtedly point out the worst foods for our body, the immune system included.

These foods are known to everybody: animal products, Junk food, GMOs, non-organic, industrial and refine food, off-ground food, etc.

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They are cheap, and you can find them everywhere.

They all contain deficient nutrients and harmful toxic chemicals that will damage our immune system and our entire body.


A common sign of damage done to our immune system is allergy.

Even though it became a widespread disease, it doesn’t mean that it is ordinary. Allergies are serious immune pathologies that are affecting nowadays more or less 30% of the population against only 3% in the 1960s.

Most people tend to look at these as benign things, but they are often the prelude of auto-immune disease if not treated correctly.  

As luck would have it, people who eat healthy food have few or no allergies, and when treating patients with allergies, a change of diet to healthy food very often makes already huge improvements.

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