How to stay hydrated

Our bodies receive and lose water in different forms and through different organs and systems on a daily basis.

In order for us to stay well hydrated, it is necessary that the losses and intakes are continuously balanced.

At least, we must provide our bodies with the amount of water needed to compensate for our losses.

Depending on these losses, the amount of water we need to drink daily, in addition to the water in our food, can vary from 1 to 4 liters.

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Of course, this is an approximate figure, as water losses can fluctuate greatly depending on various criteria, including sports activity and ambient temperature.

But to stay healthily hydrated, we need more than just drinking enough water.

We need suitable sources of water in the right quantities.

For instance, many people confuse direct water intake (when you drink only water) and indirect water intake (when you drink any other drink than water).

The effect on your body is not the same. You need direct water intake and you can’t consider tea or coffee or worse, soda, to be equivalent to drinking water, even if you are still technically speaking drinking many liters a day.

Too many people, especially children, hardly ever drink water but always drink beverages, most of which are sodas and fruit juices. Unfortunately, beverages are not equivalent to the hydration provided by water.

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