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Natural remedies for endometriosis

The inner cell layer of the uterus is called the endometrium. 

These cells develop during the first phase of the menstrual cycle under the influence of estrogen.

After ovulation, if there is no embryo implantation during the second part of the cycle, progesterone drops, and this cell layer and the adjacent functional mucosa are removed during menstruation. Only the basal layer remains in place with stem cells ready to develop for the next cycle.

Endometriosis is the migration of endometrial cells out of the uterus.

Diagnosis is based on clinical examination, ultrasound, MRI, and possibly laparoscopy under general anesthesia (examination with a mini camera of the inside of the abdominal cavity).

Symptoms of endometriosis

The signs of endometriosis are not necessarily very specific. There is always pain during menstruation but also outside of menstruation, during sexual intercourse, or during bowel movements.

The clinical signs depend on where the endometrial cells have migrated from the uterus. Endometrial tissue can be found on the pelvic muscles, in the vagina, and ovaries or stuck to the intestines, bladder, ligaments of the pelvic cavity, and even much further away like the diaphragm.

We understand that these cells develop under the hormonal influence and will therefore cause very painful pain by their duration and intensity by thickening and bleeding.

One must imagine that the bleeding cannot be evacuated as it’s the case in the uterus.


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Obviously, the causes are still officially “not well known”.  Perhaps in some cases, the blood reflux of menstruation could favor the implantation of endometrial cells in the fallopian tubes or ovaries, or even in the peritoneal cavity. 

Personally, our professional experience in natural medicine leads us to systematically identify a hormonal imbalance, whether it be through diet, the contraceptive pill or other hormonal treatments, or a problem in the hepatic phase of steroid detoxification. 

In addition, dysimmunity and even autoimmune diseases are often found to be associated with endometriosis.

We can therefore be sure of three things: 

  • There is an immune problem
  • There is a hormonal problem
  • There is an intestinal and hepatic problem

Natural remedies for endometriosis

First of all, the first objective of a natural approach will be to advise and teach healthy eating. Indeed, a healthy diet is the most important pillar of good health. 

Therefore, within the framework of a natural medicine treatment, the establishment of a healthy diet is essential for all diseases. 

In the case of endometriosis, this is all the more important because a healthy diet will make it possible to suppress the ingestion of hormones (contained in dairy products and meat), which will already considerably reduce the pain.

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Linked to a healthy diet, it will also be important to pay attention to having hydration with healthy water (unpolluted natural water or filtered water).

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In fact, drinking tap or bottled water means exposing yourself to water polluted by endocrine disrupting micropollutants which, as their name indicates, will disrupt the proper functioning of the body’s hormones. 

Then, if needed, it will be necessary to change the hormonal contraception to a natural or at least non-harmful contraception. 

Finally, the natural treatment must be personalized to each patient. As with all diseases, the holistic natural medicine approach always aims to treat the patient and his or her health problems, not the problems alone. 

Thus, two women suffering from endometriosis will not necessarily receive the same treatment because each patient and each situation is unique.  

This is why a holistic natural health expert always performs a health assessment in order to identify the patient’s unique case. 

This will allow for the most effective treatment to take place, as well as the management of other health problems related to endometriosis. 

Endometriosis, like all other diseases, must be understood in the context of the body’s overall disorders before going for natural remedies for endometriosis,

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